Handicap Race Series 2017

For 2017 our Handicap Race Series will be held on Thursday not Wednesday
Thursday 27 April • Thursday 18 May • Thursday 1 June • Thursday 8 June • Thursday 29 June • Thursday 13 July

Our Handicap Series is six races run over the same demanding course with runners setting off at staggered times; the slowest first and the fastest last with the aim that everyone finishes at about the same time. Prizes are presented on the night in the club bar over a drink or two! It’s a great social and fun inter-club event, it would be great to see as many members taking part as possible.

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Handicap Series 2016

Final positions
Senior female: 1st Leanne Glover, 2nd Claire Bannister, Michelle Bright
Vet female: 1st Tara Fundry, 2nd Lois Vickers, 3rd Helen Colwill/Lorraine Clements

Senior male: 1st Tim Sturtridge, 2nd Gary Blight, 3rd Keith Shapland
Vet male: 1st Howard Bone, 2nd Christy Worthington, 3rd Trevor Wilkins

Junior girl: 1st Jess Gierke

View full results and series points table

Handicap Series 2015

Final Positions
Senior female: 1st Michelle Bright, 2nd Hayley Syvret, 3rd Jo Bedler
Vet female: 1st Jess Gierke, 2nd Lois Vickers, 3rd Tracey Wilson

Senior male: 1st Ashley Jewell, 2nd Dan Manning, 3rd Phil Lacey
Vet male: 1st Phil Thomas, 2nd Martin Colwill, 3rd Gary Suggate

Junior girl: 1st Nell Gierke

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Handicap Series 2014

Final Positions
Senior female: 1st Cyra Braunton, 2nd Kim Jenkin, 3rd Leaha Davies
Vet female: 1st Michelle Bright, 2nd Jo Bedlar, 3rd Tracey Wilson

Senior male: 1st James Jewell, 2nd Tom Ball, 3rd Dan Brewer
Vet male: 1st Steve Heywood, 2nd Steve Sanders, 3rd Martin Colwill & Paul Sturtridge

Junior boy: 1st Alex Clifton
Junior girl: 1st Heather Warner

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Handicap Series 2013

Final Positions
Senior female: 1st Sam Barnbrook, 2nd Kim Jenkin, 3rd Leaha Davies
Vet female: 1st Candy Jewell, 2nd Michelle Bright, 3rd Cath Gardner

Senior male: 1st Simon Wright, 2nd Tom Cawsey, 3rd Aaron Kearney
Vet male: 1st Alan Heard, 2nd Dave Eldridge, 3rd Doug Jenkin

Junior boys: 1st Dan Manning, 2nd Bobby Talbot-Adams, 3rd Alex Clifton
Junior girls: 1st Cyra Braunton, 2nd Molly Pennington, 3rd Nancy Pennington

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Race 3 photos here

Handicap Series 2012

Final Positions
Men: 1st Martin Colwill, 2nd Mark Palmer, 3rd Tim Lane
Ladies: 1st Liz Oke, 2nd Sam Pontin, 3rd Lorrie Woolgar
Juniors: 1st Ruby Beever, 2nd Joe Jewell, 3rd Bobby Talbot-Adams

Full results available here

Handicap Series 2011

Final Positions
Men: 1st Jamie Blackman, 2nd Andy Oke, 3rd Robbie Murray
Ladies: 1st Rebecca Hill, 2nd Liz Oke, 3rd Cath Gardner
Juniors: 1st Cyra Braunton, 2nd Katrina Talbot-Adams, 3rd Scott Braunton / Zo Gardner

Full results available here