Yeovilton 5k Series, Race 5

Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 14:59 (pb), Dan Mapp 5th in 15:21 (pb), Flynn Jennings 8th in 16:02 (pb), Andy Ingle 16:34, Keith Shapland 16:36, James Jewell 17:43, Julie Dixon 17:48, Gary Blight 18:36, John Shapland 19:06, Jo Bedler 20:08, Leanne Glover 20:18 (pb), Karen Shapland 21:27, Gemma Steele 26:58


Indian Queens Half

Mark Jenkin 1st in 1:11:32, Ian Gooding 4th in 1:17:01, Andrew Ingle 6th in 1:19:25, Michelle Bright 1:54:15, Clive Bright 1:58:53

North Devon Relays 2018

Overall results
Senior Men – 1st Bideford AAC, 2nd South Molton Strugglers, 3rd Ilfracombe RC
Vet Men – 1st South Molton, 2nd Bideford AAC, 3rd  Ilfracombe RC
Vet Men 50 – 1st North Devon Road Runners, 2nd Ilfracombe RC, 3rd Torrington AC
Vet Men 55 – 1st Bideford AAC, 2nd Torrington AC, 3rd Ilfracombe RC
Senior Ladies – 1st Ilfracombe RC, 2nd Torrington AC, 3rd Bideford AAC
Vet Ladies – 1st Bideford AAC, 2nd Ilfracombe RC, 3rd North Devon Road Runners
Vet Ladies 50 – 1st Torrington AC, 2nd North Devon Road Runners, 3rd Fremington Trailblazers
Junior Boys – 1st Bideford AAC
Junior Girls – 1st Bideford AAC
Junior Mixed – 1st Torrington AC, 2nd Bideford AAC, 3rd Fremington Trailblazers

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North Devon Relays Race 5 – Bideford

Senior ladies: 3rd in 0:51:18 (Sammy Antell, Leanne Glover, Ali Blackman)
Vet ladies: 1st in 0:47:24 (Julie Dixon, Jo Bedler, Tori Loze)
Vet ladies B: 0:57:23 (Michelle Bright, Candy Jewell, Sarah Tate)
Vet ladies C: 0:53:53 (Karen Shapland, Edwina Stevenson, Vicky Roper)

Senior men A: 1st in 0:54:10 (Flynn Jennings, Steve Gallienne, Aaron Kearney, Keith Shapland)
Senior men B: 1:01:14 (Kieth Shapland, Jim Kirk, Jamie Blackman, Ashley Jewell)
Vet men A: 2nd in 0:58:21 (Gary Blight, James Jewell, Gary Suggate, Martin Colwill)
Vet men B: 1:04:19 (Shaun Woodhead, Mark Curtis, Steve TurnerCarl Webb)

Vet over 55 mixed: 21st in 0:50:25 (Lorraine Clements, Pete Riger, John Shapland)

Junior boys: 1st in 0:51:15 (Finn Tolson, Charlie Pilkington, Ben Tolson)
Junior boys B: 0:52:37 (Dylan Suggate, Evan Suggate, Fletcher Powe)
Junior mixed: 1st in 0:52:23 (Jaden Rigler, Ailis Temple-Thurston, Jamie Milsom)

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Handicap Series 2018

Final positions
Juniors: 1st Ben Tolson, 2nd Harvey Reeves, 3rd Charlie Pilkington

Senior female: 1st Jo Hedderly, 2nd Ali Blackman, 3rd Jo Bedler
Vet female: 1st Edwina Stevenson, 2nd Julie Dixon, 3rd Lorraine Clements

Senior male: 1st Stephen Reeves, 2nd Mark Curtis, 4th Keith Shapland
Vet male: 1st Colin Mitchel, 2nd Alan Heard, 3rd Don Marsh/SteveSanders

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Care for Kids 10k Barnstaple

James Pugsley 1st in 00:34:55, Keith Shapland 2nd in 00:36:20, Martin Colwill 4th and 1st in category 00:37:22, James Jewell5th and 2nd in category 00:39:02, Gary Blight 7th and 3rd in category 00:40:34, Steven Turner 00:41:11, Mark Curtis 00:41:38, Jo Bedler 1st female in 00:42:55, Peter Rigler 00:45:22, Leanne Glover 00:45:39, Sarah Tate 00:48:38 (2nd in category), Colin Mitchell 00:54:00, Jamie Hollis 00:54:56, Sue Pennington 00:55:13, Anna Squire 01:02:38, Frank Dunlop 01:17:28