Run Exe 5k race 2

Gary Blight 18:17, John Shapland 19:19 (first in category), Karen Shapland 21:44 (3rd in category)

Yellow Welly Cobble Wobble

James Pugsley 1st in 1:29:17, James Jewell 8th in 1:45:48, Kathryn Beades 2:04:18 (4th lady), David Crowther 2:11:21, Amy Hawkes 2:15:22, Dave Eldridge 2:27:44

Newport 10k

Super speedy times from our boys in Newport today: Shaun Antell 2nd in 0:29:46, Ronnie Richmond 5th in 0:31:18

Glastonbury 10k

John Shapland 0:39:37 (1st in category and new club record), Karen Shapland 0:44:25 (2nd in category)

Torrington Round the Tree

Our family did what they do best at Torrington Round the Tree Race. In the junior race we had 8 runners in the top 10! Juniors: Jamie Milsom 1st in 10:18 (1st JM16), Harvey Reeves 2nd in 11:25 (2nd JM16), Charlie Pilkington 3rd in 11:30 (1st JM13), James Figes 4th in 11:43 (2nd JM16), Ben Tolson 5th in 11:51, Freya Woodhead 6th in 11:55 (1st JF13), Jessica Parker 7th in 11:58 (1st JF16), Finn Tolson 10th in 12:25, Taryn Powe 12:44 (3rd JF16), Allis Temple-Thurston 12:49, William Prouse 12:59 (2nd JM13), Harry Fanson 13:10, Finley Cloak 13:22 (3rd JM13), Georgina Parker 13:50, Lexi Reeves 15:07, Sophie Milsom 16:08, Riley Cadwallder 16:21
Men: Dan Mapp 1st in 14:59 (1st SM), Ian Gooding 2nd in 16:27 (1st VM), Andy Ingle 4th in 17:12 (3rd SM), Shaun Woodhead 7th in 18:05 (2nd VM), Mark Curtis 9th in 18:26 (3rd VM), Chris Stone 18:57 (1st VM50), Steve Turner 19:21 (2nd VM50), Jason Dalling 19:29, Matt East 20:13
Women: Sammy Antell 3rd 20:35 (1st SF), Beth Temple-Thurston 8th in 22:13 (3rd VF45), Amanda Reeves 24:44, Sarah Tate 24:50

London Marathon

Absolutely awesome results from our family at London Marathon today: Andy Ingle 2:46:40, Robbie Murray 3:25:22, Jo Bedler 3:25:27 (pb), David Spencer 3:47:13, Ali Blackman 3:58:07, Edwina Stevenson 4:22:11, Ruthy Taylor 4:27:37, David Eldridge 4:28:09, Jim Murray 4:29:37 (pacing)

London Mini Marathon

An incredible run in the London Mini Marathon Under 17s, Flynn ‘Flying’ Jennings was 13th in 14:51, 3rd in category and the first South West runner!