The Grizzly

The Grizzly 2019 is the ‘Trails of the Unexpected’ 20 miles with more than 3,000ft ascent! So hats off to Stephen Cameron who came 17th in 2:36:00 and Dave Eldridge who finished in 4:34:04 as part of his London Marathon Training.

Bideford Half Marathon 2019

Congratulations to everyone who ran our 25th Bideford Half Marathon

Ronnie Richmond from Bideford AAC was 1st in 1:07:36, Shaun Antell from Bideford AAC was 2nd in 01:10:53, Jim Cole from Tavistock was 3rd in 1:11:16

The fastest lady was Katie Synge-Curtis from Hereford Couriers in 01:20:34, followed by Rebecca Ezra from Tamar Trotters in 1:21:45, Katie Drew from Taunton AC was 3rd in 1:22:27

Full results

Raceday photos: Charles Whitton Photography and Hooligans Dad Photography

Castle Hill Corker

Gary Suggate 4th in 0:44:17 (1st in category), Gary Blight 0:46:30 (2nd in category), Don Marsh 0:54:18 (3rd in category), Steve Sanders 0:57:38, Amy Hawkes 0:57:45 (1st in category), Holly Webbe 0:57:51, Andrew Webbe 0:58:47, Phil Lacey 0:59:22, Stephen Reeeves 1:02:35, Amanda Reeves 1:02:40 (2nd in category), Darren Bridle 01:04:46, Edwina 1:07:38 (1st in category), Andy Walter 1:08:07, Steve Heywood 1:20:22

Westward League Cross Country – Stover

Senior ladies (5690m): Julie Dixon 24:59 (1st in category)
U11 girls (1630m): Freya Woodhead 2nd in 6:45

Senior men (8310m): Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 29:33, Mark Jenkin 4th in 30:07 (1st in category), Ian Gooding 33:11 (1st in category)
U17 men (5690m): Flynn Jennings 2nd in 20:40
U15 boys (4250m): Jamie Milsom 17:41

Full league results

Exmouth Express Five Mile

James Jewell 0:30:01, Gary Blight 0:30:18, Andy Pearson 0:33:00, Peter Rigler 0:33:50, Michelle Bright 0:38:00, Clive Blight 0:38:00, Candace Jewell 0:39:43, Tim Lane 0:41:14, Andy Walter 0:43:11, Gemma Steele 0:45:07