Bideford Half Marathon 2014

Bideford AAC’s Shaun Antell was 1st in 01:10:34, Kairin Stone from Newham & Essex Beagles 2nd in 01:11:08 and Bideford AAC’s Ronnie Richmond 3rd in 01:11:15.

The fastest lady was Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:21:02, followed by Eleanor Davis from Newquay Road Runners in 01:24:56.

Individual results here | Category results here
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Castle Hill Corker

By all accounts a tough hilly off-road race but great fun!
Kelvin Groves 00:45:40 (6th overall and 2nd in category), Candy Jewell 1:00:33 (3rd in category), Lisa Cetinkaya 1:01:06 (5th in category), Phil Lacey 1:02:39, Lorrie Woolgar 1:03:55 (4th in category)

Brooks Westward League – Bovey Tracey

Race Results: Steve Gallienne 3rd, Ian Gooding 10th
Overall team positions: Bideford AAC senior male are 2nd in the league (out of 53) B Team 16th, vet male team are also 2nd in the league (out of 35) B Team 25th. Our U17 are in 4th.
Overal individual positions: Ian Gooding currently holds 1st for V40 category, Martin Colwill 1st for V45, Alec Mclaren 1st for V55 John Shapland 4th for MV60.

Full results here

Braunton 10

26 Blues took part in rough conditions including a knee deep wade along the way.

Martin Colwill 1:01:59 (3rd), Keith Shapland 1:02:58, John Shapland 1:03:21, Gary Suggate 1:04:03, Brent Colvin 1:07:13, Aaron Kearney 1:07:20, Kelvin Groves 1:11:00, Cy Margieson 1:13:35, Paul Jennings 1:15:19, Annette Wilson 1:20:11, Bobbie Murray 1:20:12, Jan Behnke 1:21:26, Alan Wilson 1:24:03, Dale Wilson 1:25:28, Alan Heard 1:26:47, Lisa Certinkaya 1:29:43 (pb), Mary Pool 1:31:26, Graham Watts 1:31:43, Adrian Colwill 1:31:57, Steve Heywood 1:32:57, Lorrie Woolgar 1:35:41, Kim Jenkin 1:40:26, Anna Squire 1:43:32, Michelle Bright 1:49:48, Clive Bright 1:49:48

Brooks Westward League – Westward Ho!

Mens full results here. Ladies full results here.
Bideford AAC senior male and vet male team are both currently 2nd in the league, with our U17 being 4th. Ian Gooding currently holds 1st for V40 category, Martin Colwill 1st for V45 and Alec Mclaren 2nd for V55.

England Athletics South West Cross Country Championships 2014

Under 15 Boys: Bobby Talbot-Adams 18:54

Senior Men & Under 20 Men: Mark Jenkin 33:2, Shaun Antell 33:38, Ronnie Richmond 33:43, Ian Gooding 34:44, James Pugsley 37:19, Andrew Ingle 39:27, Alec McLaren 43:25

Bideford AAC were 2nd in the Club Men’s Team category, Mark Jenkin was 1st in Senior Men M35 Category, Ian Gooding was 2nd in Senior Men M40 Category

For Devon County Mark Jenkin came 2nd, Shaun Antell 4th

New Years Day Two Bridges 2014

1st in 02:03:50 – Alec McLaren 27:20, Amy Alford 30:39, Alan Heard 30:28, Tim Calcutt 35:23
2nd in 02:05:40 – Neil Pennington 29:51, Candy Jewell 33:25, Dale Wilson 30:37, Clive Bright 31:47
3rd in 02:06:04 – Andrew Pearson 25:36, Leah Davies 34:47, Max Bodimead 31:34, Dave Eldridge 34:07
4th in 02:11:14 – Paul Johnson 26:17, Michelle Bright 39:42, Carol Davis 29:53, Mark Palmer 35:22
5th in 02:12:08 – Andrew Wilson 26:48, Colin Pennington 32:59, Mike Gilmore 37:04, Paul Sturtridge 35:17
6th in 02:18:04 – Steve Turner 24:38, Liz Oke 48:16, Adrian Colwill 30:57, Tony Merrett 34:13
7th in 02:20:59 – Charlie Davis 28:03, Sam Barnbrook 34:47, Steve Bennett 39:34, John Stanton 38:35