• The Harriers running section of Bideford AAC was founded in 1980 by Geoff Fanson and Barrie White.

    Our running section offers opportunities for both recreational and competitive running  and our Tuesday and Thursday night club runs are of mixed ability and pace (it really is a miss-conception you need to be quick to join a running club). Runners thinking of joining are welcome to come and try a couple of runs first to see if it’s for them, please get in touch for more information.

    We are affiliated to England Athletics, Association of Running Clubs, South of England Athletic Association and Devon County Athletics Association.

Bude Lifeboat Run

Juniors Y5 – Freya Woodhead 2nd in 0:06:33 (1st girl), Dylan Suggate 4th in 0:06:39 (3rd boy), Sophie Milsom 0:08:50, Amber Bright 0:11:28
Juniors Y6 – Jaden Rigler 0:06:56
Juniors Y7 and above – Jamie Milson 1st in 0:05:28, Charlie Pilkington 6th in  0:06:32, Evan Suggate 7th in 0:06:41
Senior race –  Keith Shapland 4th in 0:34:59 (1st in category), James Jewell 0:37:19, Gary Suggate 0:37:41 (2nd in category), Gary Blight 0:39:17, Chris Fuller 0:39:34, Andrew Pearson 0:40:24, Jo Bedler 0:41:02 (1st in category), Ashley Jewell 0:42:25, Timothy Sturtridge 0:42:47, Clive Bright 0:43:56, Karen Shapland 0:44:17 (2nd in category), Vicky Roper 0:44:25, Michelle Bright 0:46:36, Candace Jewell 0:48:10, Elise Woodhead 0:48:26, Jo Hedderly 0:49:29, Gary Hatch 0:50:11, David Eldridge 0:53:27, Alan Heard 0:53:39, Rachel Gaunt 0:54:06, Steve Heywood 0:58:32, Charlotte Elliot 0:59:15, Michael Gilmore 1:03:55, Eric Hubber 1:07:42, Lorrie Woolgar 1:13:22

Lacock 10k

Jo Bedler 0:42:50, Neil Marke 0:42:58 (2nd in category), Linda Eastmond 0:51:11

Two Castles 10k

Keith Shapland 0:36:35, James Jewell 0:38:53, Ashley Jewell 0:43:30, Candace Jewell 0:51:22, Gemma Steele 1:02:34

Handicap Series Race 4

Juniors: 1st Fletcher Powe, 2nd Harvey Reeves, 3rd Charlie Pilkington

Senior female: 1st Candy Jewell, 2nd Ali Blackman, 3rd Michelle Bright
Vet female: 1st Edwina Stevenson, 2nd Lorraine Clements, 3rd Jane Watts

Senior male: 1st Keith Shaplands, 2nd Mark Curtis, 3rd Phil Venn
Vet male: 1st Don Marsh, 2nd Colin Mitchell, 3rd Alec Mclaren

Full Junior Race ResultsFull Senior Race ResultsPoints Table
Spot prizes: Andy Pearson, Frank Dunlop