• The Bideford AAC Running Section was founded in 1980 by Geoff Fanson and Barrie White and offers opportunities for both recreational and competitive running. Our Tuesday and Thursday night runs are of mixed ability and pace (it really is a misconception you need to be quick to join). Runners who are interested in joining are welcome to try sessions to see if it’s for them. For Junior Athletics and Running children must be age 9 and above.

    The Running Section is affiliated to England Athletics, Association of Running Clubs, South of England Athletic Association and Devon County Athletics Association.

    For more information please get in touch.

The Grizzly

The Grizzly 2019 is the ‘Trails of the Unexpected’ 20 miles with more than 3,000ft ascent! So hats off to Stephen Cameron who came 17th in 2:36:00 and Dave Eldridge who finished in 4:34:04 as part of his London Marathon Training.

Bideford Half Marathon 2019

Congratulations to everyone who ran our 25th Bideford Half Marathon

Ronnie Richmond from Bideford AAC was 1st in 1:07:36, Shaun Antell from Bideford AAC was 2nd in 01:10:53, Jim Cole from Tavistock was 3rd in 1:11:16

The fastest lady was Katie Synge-Curtis from Hereford Couriers in 01:20:34, followed by Rebecca Ezra from Tamar Trotters in 1:21:45, Katie Drew from Taunton AC was 3rd in 1:22:27

Full results

Raceday photos: Charles Whitton Photography and Hooligans Dad Photography

Castle Hill Corker

Gary Suggate 4th in 0:44:17 (1st in category), Gary Blight 0:46:30 (2nd in category), Don Marsh 0:54:18 (3rd in category), Steve Sanders 0:57:38, Amy Hawkes 0:57:45 (1st in category), Holly Webbe 0:57:51, Andrew Webbe 0:58:47, Phil Lacey 0:59:22, Stephen Reeeves 1:02:35, Amanda Reeves 1:02:40 (2nd in category), Darren Bridle 01:04:46, Edwina 1:07:38 (1st in category), Andy Walter 1:08:07, Steve Heywood 1:20:22

Westward League Cross Country – Stover

Senior ladies (5690m): Julie Dixon 24:59 (1st in category)
U11 girls (1630m): Freya Woodhead 2nd in 6:45

Senior men (8310m): Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 29:33, Mark Jenkin 4th in 30:07 (1st in category), Ian Gooding 33:11 (1st in category)
U17 men (5690m): Flynn Jennings 2nd in 20:40
U15 boys (4250m): Jamie Milsom 17:41

Full league results

Exmouth Express Five Mile

James Jewell 0:30:01, Gary Blight 0:30:18, Andy Pearson 0:33:00, Peter Rigler 0:33:50, Michelle Bright 0:38:00, Clive Blight 0:38:00, Candace Jewell 0:39:43, Tim Lane 0:41:14, Andy Walter 0:43:11, Gemma Steele 0:45:07