• The Harriers running section of Bideford AAC was founded in 1980 by Geoff Fanson and Barrie White. We are affiliated to the South of England Athletic Association, England Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs.

    Our main club runs are on a Tuesday or Thursday night, 6pm from the clubhouse, and include runners of varying abilities and paces. If you are thinking of joining a running club then please get in touch and come and try a couple of runs. Whatever your standard of fitness you will be made more than welcome (it really is a miss-conception you need to be quick to join a running club).

North Devon Relays Race 3 – NDRR

Senior ladies: 5th in 0:54:08 (Leaha Davey, Ali Apps, Sammy Antell)
Vet ladies: 3rd in 0:47:56 (Michelle Bright, Lorraine Clements, Jo Bedlar)

Senior men A: 1st in 0:47:59 (Brendan Patton, Dan Mapp, Keith Shapland, Mark Jenkin)
Senior men B: 0:51:53 (Ronnie Richmond, Jamie Blackman, Jim Kirk, Flynn Jennings)
Senior men C: 0:58:02 (Dale Wilson, Aaron Kearney, Gary Blight, Jamie Blackman)
Senior men juniors: 0:59:38 (Fletcher Powe, Evan Suggate, Jamie Milsom, Cohen Phillips)
Vet men: 1st in 0:52:53 (Martin Colwill, Ian Gooding, Andy Pearson, Gary Suggate)
Vet men over 50: 1st in 0:58:45 (Pete Hockin, Peter Rigler, Clive Bright, Simon Edney)

Junior boys: 1st in 0:46:59 (Finn Tolson, Charlie Pilkington, Ben Tolson)
Junior girls: 1st in 0:49:06 (Taryn Powe, Amelia Dennis, Elena Christley)

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Bude Lifeboat Run

Peter Rigler 0:42:34, Clive Bright 0:43:20, Sara Colvin 0:44:38 (1st in category), Steve Sanders 0:46:34, Michelle Bright 0:47:03 (2nd in category), Dale Wilson 0:49:14, Leaha Davey 0:49:15, Lorrie Woolgar 0:50:45, Jo Hedderly 0:53:30, Sam Barnbrooke 0:54:27, Steve Heywood 0:57:58, Michael Gilmore 0:58:47, Janice Warren 1:30:47

Ruby Run Half Marathon

Jamie Blackman 3rd in 1:26:17, Martin Colwill 4th in 1:26:07 (1st in category), Jim Kirk 8th in 1:28:48 (1st in category), Ian Gooding 1:49:21, Alice Guymer 1:49:21 (1st in category), Edwina Stevenson 1:59:05, Alison Apps 1:59:05

Two Castles 10k

Keith Shapland 10th and 2nd in category in 0:35:32, James Jewell 0:39:33, Ashley Jewell 0:45:27, Candy Jewell 0:52:40, Gemma Steele 0:53:40

Poole 10k

Mark Jenkin 2nd in 0:32:19, Andy Ingle 8th in 0:33:58, Neil Marke 0:42:42, Linda Eastmond 0:49:32