Battle of Sedgemoor 10k, Langport

Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 32:32, Ian Gooding 3rd & first in category 32:42, Dan Mapp 4th in 33:59, Martin Colwill 34:52, John Shapland 1st in category 35:27, Gary Suggate 36:51, James Jewell 42:22, Andy Glover 45:22, Candy Jewell 48:49, Alan Heard 49:07, Leonie Murray 1st in category 54:15, Julia Glover 58:11

Bideford AAC also won the male team prize

Exeter 10k

Shaun Antell 2nd in 32:00, Mark Jenkin 3rd in 32:09, Ronnie Richmond 4th in 32:38, Ian Gooding 33:49, Martin Colwill 35:00, Levi Colvin 35:27 (1st in category), Keith Shapland 36:27, John Shapland 36:34 (1st in category), Brent Colvin 38:11, Steven Turner 39:55, James Jewell 42:12, Sammy Antell 42:27, Karen Allen 48:12, Candy Jewell 48:59, Leonie Murray 54:31 (1st in category)

Yeovilton Summer 5k Series

Shaun Antell 2nd in 15:00, Ronnie Richmond 15:38, Levi Colvin 17:09 (pb and 1st in category), John Shapland 17:42 (1st in category), Brent Colvin 17:44 (pb), James Jewell 19:44 (pb), Sammy Antell 20:12 (2nd in category), Karen Allen 22:32 (pb), Candy Jewell 22:55 (pb)

Indian Queens Half Marathon

Martin Colwill 6th in 01:18:58, Brent Colvin 01:28:32, Sammy Antell 01:37:18, Paul Jennings 01:39:00, Jo Bedler 01:39:12, Tim Calcutt 01:41:40, Neil Marke 01:43:45, Andy Glover 01:45:49, Annette Wilson 01:45:53, Steve Heywood 01:48:30, Alan Wilson 01:49:34, Lisa Cetinkaya 01:56:15, Samantha Barnbrook 01:58:29, Julia Glover 02:17:39, Sara Colvin 02:17:44, Anna Squire 02:19:46

Totnes 10k

John Shapland 00:41:27, Kelvin Grooves 00:43:42, Karen Allen 00:55:49
This race is nearly all off-road, alongside the River Dart.

Handicap Series 2014

Final Positions
Senior female: 1st Cyra Braunton, 2nd Kim Jenkin, 3rd Leaha Davies
Vet female: 1st Michelle Bright, 2nd Jo Bedlar, 3rd Tracey Wilson

Senior male: 1st James Jewell, 2nd Tom Ball, 3rd Dan Brewer
Vet male: 1st Steve Heywood, 2nd Steve Sanders, 3rd Martin Colwill & Paul Sturtridge

Junior boy: 1st Alex Clifton
Junior girl: 1st Heather Warner

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