Rowing protocol

14 MAY 2021 (updates in red)

The boathouse is open for rowing members only, who we kindly ask are familiar with the below protocol.

These control measures will apply to EVERY CLUB MEMBER. Do not come to the clubhouse if you, someone in your household (including support bubble) or anyone you have been in contact with, shows COVID-19 symptoms, such as dry cough, high temperature or loss of taste. You should stay home. If you test positive or become symptomatic and have been to the clubhouse you must report this to the club immediately.. If you have travelled abroad on return please allow 48 hours before coming back to the club, or you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace or 14 days holiday quarantine.

Following British Rowing guidelines we are in a position to open our Boathouse. We would like to thank our members for their patience and look forward to us all working together on slowly getting back to being where we want to be.

Please read below carefully as these steps work along with any other rules the club has in place.

  1. The Boathouse is now open for all crews/double (not needed to be same household). A face covering must be worn at all times.
  2. You can arrange to row at any time however only enter the boathouse when ready to go on the water. We cannot have the boathouse open as an entrance to the club.
  3. Please only use the boat and blades you have been allocated. All boats and blades have been taped to match.
  4. All coxswains have to wear face covering, visor, sunglasses or goggles at all times. Front loader boat Cox needs to still wear a face covering.
  5. Arrive at the club with your crew at an arranged time, do not enter the Club if another crew is in the Boathouse, or your complete crew are not there. We are asking that you/crew could be in and out (15 minutes) of the Boathouse to allow other crews time on the water. The same when returning off of the water. Please do not change crew members on the steps. A crew change would need the boat to come off of the water, cleaned before going back afloat.
  6. Before going afloat please make sure you have signed in with contact details. These will be held for 21 days. Please see Bideford AAC Privacy Policy.
  7. Please come ready to row as no changing rooms are open. We have one toilet open, but this is not for changing in.
  8. Please follow all signs and use sanitising stations. The club is only open to members and we apologise but no parents are allowed into the building.
  9. Clean as much as you can before handling the boat. After cleaning the boat and blades make sure you wash and dry your hands.
  10. If the safety boat is not afloat:
    All Juniors will wear a buoyancy aid when the safety boat is not afloat and a throw line if Sculling tied to the boat. This can be used in the event of an incident to tow a boat or help rescue a person. Junior rowers are required to scull between the Boat Cafe and the old Bideford Bridge and will use “Buddy System” and Scull with others afloat. Whilst keeping to the etiquette of the water please do not travel up the river to far over East the Water side.
  11. You can assist to launch or recover, please at all times if possible, maintain social distance 2m. If not from the same household and you cannot maintain distance, please wear a mask/face covering. All coaches working with Juniors will wear a face covering.
  12. On return to the Club please clean all equipment you have used/touched (including door handles etc.) and put it back in the correct place.
  13. Please don’t stand and chat in the boathouse after your session. Please sanitise your hands and leave.
  14. Please make sure you have read the Risk Assessment for hall use.
  15. Bideford AAC have also updated Privacy Policy please read. Please remember Bideford is a popular town this time of the year and members of the public like to sit on the steps, we must as always be respectful above all keep everyone safe.

If any rower test positive for COVID-19 the club should be notified immediately. Like with the rest of the Club this is going to be a slow opening of the boathouse for water sessions. We have taken guidelines from British Rowing, WEARA and other local Clubs. Bideford AAC Rowing Committee will review safety and plans on 1 October 2020.

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