Virtual Handicap Series 2020

The Bideford AAC Handicap Series is going virtual for 2020! A series of four member only 5 mile events taking place in May, June, July and August.

How it works:

  • After entering all participants will be given a handicap time, which may be adjusted after each event at organiser’s discretion
  • Senior participants choose their own 5 mile (8k) route, junior participants chose either a 3 mile or 2k route; the start and finish must be in the same place and accessible from your household without the need to travel/drive
  • Participants must run the same route for all four events.
  • Activities must be run, and results submitted within the following dates:
    Event week 1: Monday 25 to Sunday 31 May
    Event week 2: Monday 22 to Sunday 28 June
    Event week 3: Monday 20 to Sunday 26 July
    Event week 4: Monday 17 to Sunday 23 August
  • Results will be based on total elapsed time, not moving time.

Entries now closed
Senior Virtual enquiries please contact Candy Jewell or Gemma Steele
Junior Virtual enquiries please contact Tracey Wilson or Louise Pilkington

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Handicap Race Series

A great fun and social club event where anyone could be the winner and win prizes! Six races run over the same demanding course with runners setting off at staggered times depending on running ability; the slowest first and the fastest last with the aim that everyone finishes at roughly the same time.

The 2020 Handicap Series has been cancelled due to advice given on the coronavirus, however there will be a virtual option.
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Handicap Series 2019

Final positions

Juniors: 1st Fletcher Powe, 2nd Finn Tolson 3rd Harry Fanson

Senior female: 1st Holly Webb, 2nd Candy Jewell, 3rd Amanda Reeves
Vet female: 1st Rebecca Timothy, 2nd Tara Fundry, 3rd Jo Bedler

Senior male: 1st Stephen Cameron, 2nd Andy Webbe, 3rd Gary Montague
Vet male: 1st Alan Cox, 2nd Tim Lane, 3rd Gary Suggate

Junior race results • Senior Race ResultsPoints table

Handicap Series 2018

Final positions
Juniors: 1st Ben Tolson, 2nd Harvey Reeves, 3rd Charlie Pilkington

Senior female: 1st Jo Hedderly, 2nd Ali Blackman, 3rd Jo Bedler
Vet female: 1st Edwina Stevenson, 2nd Julie Dixon, 3rd Lorraine Clements

Senior male: 1st Stephen Reeves, 2nd Mark Curtis, 4th Keith Shapland
Vet male: 1st Colin Mitchel, 2nd Alan Heard, 3rd Don Marsh/SteveSanders

Full Junior Race ResultsFull Senior Race ResultsPoints Table

Handicap Series 2016

Final positions
Senior female: 1st Leanne Glover, 2nd Claire Bannister, Michelle Bright
Vet female: 1st Tara Fundry, 2nd Lois Vickers, 3rd Helen Colwill/Lorraine Clements

Senior male: 1st Tim Sturtridge, 2nd Gary Blight, 3rd Keith Shapland
Vet male: 1st Howard Bone, 2nd Christy Worthington, 3rd Trevor Wilkins

Junior girl: 1st Jess Gierke

View full results and series points table

Handicap Series 2015

Final Positions
Senior female: 1st Michelle Bright, 2nd Hayley Syvret, 3rd Jo Bedler
Vet female: 1st Jess Gierke, 2nd Lois Vickers, 3rd Tracey Wilson

Senior male: 1st Ashley Jewell, 2nd Dan Manning, 3rd Phil Lacey
Vet male: 1st Phil Thomas, 2nd Martin Colwill, 3rd Gary Suggate

Junior girl: 1st Nell Gierke

View full results and series points table

Handicap Series 2014

Final Positions
Senior female: 1st Cyra Braunton, 2nd Kim Jenkin, 3rd Leaha Davies
Vet female: 1st Michelle Bright, 2nd Jo Bedlar, 3rd Tracey Wilson

Senior male: 1st James Jewell, 2nd Tom Ball, 3rd Dan Brewer
Vet male: 1st Steve Heywood, 2nd Steve Sanders, 3rd Martin Colwill & Paul Sturtridge

Junior boy: 1st Alex Clifton
Junior girl: 1st Heather Warner

View full results and series points table

Handicap Series 2013

Final Positions
Senior female: 1st Sam Barnbrook, 2nd Kim Jenkin, 3rd Leaha Davies
Vet female: 1st Candy Jewell, 2nd Michelle Bright, 3rd Cath Gardner

Senior male: 1st Simon Wright, 2nd Tom Cawsey, 3rd Aaron Kearney
Vet male: 1st Alan Heard, 2nd Dave Eldridge, 3rd Doug Jenkin

Junior boys: 1st Dan Manning, 2nd Bobby Talbot-Adams, 3rd Alex Clifton
Junior girls: 1st Cyra Braunton, 2nd Molly Pennington, 3rd Nancy Pennington

View full results and series points table
Race 3 photos here

Handicap Series 2012

Final Positions
Men: 1st Martin Colwill, 2nd Mark Palmer, 3rd Tim Lane
Ladies: 1st Liz Oke, 2nd Sam Pontin, 3rd Lorrie Woolgar
Juniors: 1st Ruby Beever, 2nd Joe Jewell, 3rd Bobby Talbot-Adams

Full results available here