Use of clubhouse hall

30 December 2020 (updates in red)

From Thursday 31 December the clubhouse hall will be closed for indoor training until further notice. Strictly no admission or access to the hall, fitness equipment, changing rooms, showers or bar.

Please read the Risk Assessment along with the rules of use which includes the booking information below:

  1. The clubhouse hall will be available for booking Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from approximately 4pm to 9pm; it will not be a ‘free for all’ and is for members use only, no guests. No more than groups of six will be allowed at any one time.
  2. No member will be allowed into the hall unless they have a pre-booked session and at no time should let themselves into the clubhouse.
  3. To book use of the hall/equipment contact Tracey Pearce on 07792 871 810 or 01237 721 461. The allocated time slot must be strictly kept. Outside of the above times please contact Tracey who will see if the hall/equipment could be made available. No bookings can be made for Wednesday mornings due to full club cleaning.
  4. The clubhouse is strictly keeping to the 2m social distance rule, all members must adhere to this when using the hall/equipment.
  5. Do not enter the clubhouse if you, someone in your household (including your support bubble) or anyone you have been in contact with has tested positive for COVID-19, has any symptoms or if you are self-isolating following government guidelines/NHS Test and Trace. You should stay at home. If you test positive or become symptomatic and have been to the clubhouse you must report this to the club immediately..
  6. If you have travelled abroad, please please follow Government self-isolation guidelines before coming to the club. If self-isolation is not required, please allow 48 hours before returning.
  7. On entering the clubhouse use the hand sanitiser which will be clearly labelled and available at various locations throughout the clubhouse. A face covering must be worn at all times.
  8. You will need to sign in by providing your name and contact details for Track/Test and Trace (after 21 days details will be destroyed, see our Privacy Policy) and/or checking in using the official NHS QR code poster with the NHS COVID-19 app.
  9. Clubhouse doorways and entrances will be no-stop areas and will be marked with crossing to maintain social distancing. Please follow the arrows and signs displayed at all times.
  10. Clubhouse hall and its equipment will be marked out with social distancing requirements which must be adhered to at all times.
  11. There will be a cleaning procedure which must be adhered. All equipment must be cleaned before and after use. This will have to be done within your allocated time.
  12. For toilet access there will be a marked walkway to the one open toilet; please stick to this walkway at all times; do not stop and talk to anyone (remember to sign in and wear a face covering). 
  13. Arrive ready to train, there are no changing or showering facilities; do not use toilets for changing. Face coverings are not required while using exercising equipment.
  14. Please limit personal items brought into the club when using the hall/equipment, bring your own full water bottle as the kitchen will be closed. Any items left in the hall will be disposed of.
  15. There is no storage facilities and no belongings (including keys) are to be left in the clubhouse. Any items left in the hall will be disposed of.
  16. Harriers please sign in and follow the Running Group rules and Risk Assessment at all times.
  17. Rowers please sign in and follow the Rowing Protocol and Risk Assessment.
  18. If runners use the clubhouse as a meeting point, please meet outside in groups of no more than six and maintain social distancing at all times.
  19. Leave the club as soon as you have finished training.
  20. The clubhouse is open as a sporting, not social, facility; no public events/private functions will be allowed for the foreseeable future.

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