• The Bideford AAC Running Section was founded in 1980 by Geoff Fanson and Barrie White and offers opportunities for both recreational and competitive running. Our Tuesday and Thursday night runs are of mixed ability and pace (it really is a misconception you need to be quick to join). Runners who are interested in joining are welcome to try sessions to see if it’s for them. For Junior Athletics and Running children must be age 9 and above.

    The Running Section is affiliated to England Athletics, Association of Running Clubs, South of England Athletic Association and Devon County Athletics Association.

    For more information please get in touch.

Bideford Half Marathon 2011

Peter Freedman from Coventry Godiva Harriers was 1st in 01:08:06, Daniel Alsop from St Austell Running Club 2nd in 01:11:53 and Shaun Antell from North Devon Road Runners 3rd in 01:13:13.

The fastest lady was Shona Mcintosh from Hunters Bog Trotters in 01:18:14, followed by Jo Meek from Tavistock AC in 01:19:52.

Full results available here
Race Day photographs here

New Years Day Two Bridges 2011

1st in 115:04 – Bill O’Donnell 24:50, Colin Pennington 30:26, David Alford 31:34, Dani Jewell 28:14
2nd in 120:24 – Stuart Philps 24:14, Alan Cox 29:53, Tony Merrett 33:31, Bobby Talbot-Adams 31:46 120:24
3rd in 124:29 – Keiren Jewell 25:41, Paul Sturtridge 29:41, Mollie Pennington 35:25, Zoe Gardner 33:42
4th in 126:07 – Charlie Davis 25:45, Amy Alford 29:53, Sue Pennington 35:27, Alex Clifton 35:28
5th in 126:31 – Andrew Pearson 26:12, Chris Stone 29:06, Roger Edwards 35:41, Katrina Clifton 35:32
6th in 130:55 – Don Marsh 28:03, Alan Heard 29:05, Nancy Pennington 35:47, Karen Curry 38:00
7th in 132:09 – Gary Suggate 23:49, Andy Oke 31:06, Carol Davis 31:29, Liz Oke 45:00
8th in 155:08 – Dale Wilson 28:09, Steve Saunders 28:17, Neil Pennington 35:52, Pam Paddon 62.50

Photographs here