Winter Timed Handicap Race Series

A great fun (free) member event for seniors and juniors (Year 7 and above) with a touch of competitiveness where anyone could be the winner and win prizes! 6 races on the same 2.4 mile course with runners starting at staggered times, slowest first and fastest last, with everyone finishing at about the same time. Run as many races as you like but if you run 4 of the 6 races you will place in the overall series!

For volunteering at 4 or more races you will receive vouchers to use at the clubhouse bar.

Race 1: Sunday 15 October • Race 2: Sunday 12 November • Race 3: Sunday 10 December• Race 4: Sunday 28 January • Race 5: Sunday 18 February • Race 6: Sunday 17 March

Registration 1.15pm to 1.45pm at the clubhouse, first runner 2pm. (Please note: if you don’t register, your start time will not be called)

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