Bideford Half Marathon 2020

Ronnie Richmond from Bideford AAC was 1st in 1:07:39, Dan Mapp from Bideford AAC was 2nd in 01:10:56, James Pugley from Bideford AAC was 3rd in 1:11:42

The fastest lady was Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:20:24, followed by Rebecca Ezra from Tamar Trotters in 1:23:17, Victoria Hill from South West Road Runners was 3rd in 1:24:34

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Race photos from Hooligans Dad Photography and Charles Whitton Photograph

British Athletics Cross Challenge

Incorporating the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships and representing Devon: Freya Woodhead 30th in 0:15:09 in the Under 13 Girls; Flynn Jennings 5th in 0:21:09 in the Under 17 Men. Representing Cornwall Mark Jenkin 0:42:42

Castle Hill Corker

Blues runner Stephen Cameron had a corker of a run today with a win at Castle Hill in 0:43:12!
Chris Stone 0:51:25 (3rd in category), Kathryn Beades 0:55:00 (2nd in category), Steve Sanders 0:59:14 (2nd in category), Don Marsh 0:59:26 (3rd in category), Phil Lacey 0:59:54, Sara Colvin 1:00:43 (1st in category), Dave Eldridge 1:05:40, Edwina Stevenson 1:07:05, John Sleep 1:12:04, Andy Walter 1:12:43

Armagh 5k

Flynn Jennings claimed the U17 5k running record in 14:21 at Armagh 5k. This is also matched our senior male club record!
Flynn Jennings 14:21, Jack Hutchens 14:42, Dan Mapp 15:03, Martin Edwards 15:41

SEAA Cross Country Champs

Outstanding running South of England Athletic Association Cross Country Champs at Parliament Hill with Flynn Jennings taking 3rd place in the Under 17 Men in 0:21:55 – only 5 seconds behind the race winner! Ronnie Richmond ran 0:49:56 in the Senior Men’s race.

Braunton 10k

In the 10k: Matt East 0:44:00, Luke Rigler 0:44:58, Sara Colvin 0:49:08 (3rd lady and 1st in category), Andy Walter 0:56:14, Amy Andrews 1:04:36

Braunton 10 Mile

Amazing club results from the Blues today at Braunton. Keith Shapland took the winning time in the 10 Mile in 0:57:23 by 3 seconds, Stephen Cameron 5th in 1:00:22, Gary Blight 1:06:43, Martin Colwill 1:06:55 (1st in category), Julie Dixon 1st female in 1:07:08, Jamie Hollis 1:09:31, Chris Fuller 1:09:32, Chris Stone 1:11:26, Jo Bedler 1:14:24, Matt Rowe 1:17:08, Kathryn Beades 1:19:21, Helen Colwill 1:19:36, Ashley Jewell 1:20:46, Steve Sanders 1:21:48, Don Marsh 1:22:39, Phil Lacey 1:24:18, Michelle Bright 1:27:12, Clive Bright 1:27:47, Dave Eldridge 1:30:27, Gemma Steele 1:30:56, Sue Stanford 1:31:44