South West Cross Country Championships

U13 girls: Freya Woodhead representing Devon was 8th and 2nd in Devon Team in 0:13:07 (and she’s only 11!)
U15 girls: Taryn Powe 35th in 0:17:08
Senior women: Julie Dixon representing Devon was 17 over all in 0:23:07 and 3rd vet 45
U15 boys: James Figes 54th in 0:19:34
U17 men: Flynn Jennings representing Devon was 1st in 0:18:20, and Will Figes also representing Devon was 44th in 0:22:39 both part of the winning Devon Team
Senior men: Mark Jenkin representing Cornwall was 7th over all in 0:28:11 and 1st vet 40

Beat the Fox

Gary Blight 21:04.3, Chris Stone 21:11.3, Andrew Pearson 22:08.1, Steven Turner 22:41.0, Caden Boon 24:11.7, Bodie Johns 24:51.7, Jack Johns 26:11.6, Phil Lacey 26:16.3, Andy Walter 33:13.9, Jo Hedderly 33:51.8, Gary Hatch 33:52.6, Edwina Stevenson 34:01.3, Alan Heard 37:58.5, Michael Gilmore 38:08.9, John Sleep 41:17.4, Amber Bright 51:25.7, Michelle Bright 51:26.1, Clive Bright 51:27.2, Stephen Cameron 56:10.5

Westward League Cross Country – Westward Ho!

Senior women: Julie Dixon 24:06, Lynsie Newcombe 26:39, Helen Colwill 28:47, Sara Colvin 29:33
U13 girls: Freya Woodhead 3rd in 13:00

Senior men: Ronnie Richmond 1st in 30:39  (1st overall), Mark Jenkin 2nd in 30:42 (1st in category), Jim Kirk 34:07, Ian Gooding 34:11, Martin Colwill 37:05, John Shapland 39:35, Luke Rigler 42:45
U17 men: Will Figes 22:09, Jamie Milsom 22:53
U13 boys: Bodie Johns 17:53, Jayden Rigler 20:15
U11 boys: Caden Boon 2nd 6:32

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Weston Christmas Cracker

Keith Shapland 5th and 1st in category in 0:38:21, Gary Blight 0:42:01 (3rd in category), Jules Dixon 2nd lady in 0:42:33, Andy Pearson 0:45:54, Lorraine Clements 0:48:14 (3rd in category), Steve Clements 0:49:01, Ashley Jewell 0:51:30, Michelle Bright 0:52:46, Clive Bright 0:53:57, Jo Hedderly 0:56:58, Dave Eldridge 0:58:08, Gemma Steele 0:58:40, Ali Blackman 0:58:46, Edwina Stevenson 0:58:47, Alan Heard 1:03:45, Jamie Hollis 1:06:39, Sammy Antell 1:13:28, Eric Hubber 1:19:19, Jadwiga Karniewicz 1:32:03, Tony Merrett 1:32:04

Telford 10k

Ronnie Richmond in a super speedy net time of 0:29:59 – great running Ronnie, you’ve trained hard for that time and pb

Devon County AA Cross Country Championship

U13 girls: Freya Woodhead 2nd in 10:57
Senior women: Julie Dixon 8th in 19:50, Sara Colvin 23:37

U13 boys: Bodie Johns 12:34
U15 boys: James Figes 15:23
U17 boys: Flynn Jennings 2nd in 15:24, Will Figes 9th in 18:04
Senior men: Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 29:36, Martin Edwards 32:49, John Shapland 39:40, Peter Rigler 46:32

Westward League Cross Country – Exeter

Senior women (5000m): Julie Dixon 19:50, Sara Colvin 23:37
U13 girls (2940m): Freya Woodhead 2nd in 10:57

Senior men (8900m): Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 29:36  (1st overall), Mark Jenkin 3rd in 30:06 (1st in category), Martin Edwards 32:49, John Shapland 39:40, Peter Rigler 46:32
U17 men (5000m): Flynn Jennings 15:24, Will Figes 18:04
U15 boys (3900m): James Figes 15:23
U13 boys (3000m): Bodie Johns 12:34, Jayden Rigler 14:06
U11 boys (1650m): Caden Boon 6:28

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Gloucester 10k

Proudly running for Devon today at Gloucester 10k and being part of the winning county: Aaron (Ronnie Richmond) 4th in 0:30:13, James Pugsley 0:32:34 (pb)

Westward League Cross Country – Newquay

Senior women (5040m): Helen Colwill 25:11
U13 girls (2940m): Freya Woodhead 11:33

Senior men (9440m): Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 31:10  (1st overall), Mark Jenkin 3rd in 32:03 (1st in category), Ian Gooding 35:31 (1st in category), Martin Colwill 38:22, Peter Rigler 45:16
U17 men (5040m): Jamie Milsom 19:48
U13 boys (2940m): Jayden Rigler 14:17
U11 boys (1640m): Caden Boon 6:56

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Bideford 10 Mile 2019

Exmouth Harrier’s Tom Merson was 1st in a course record time of 00:50:45, Ronnie Richmond from Bideford AAC 2nd in 00:51:03 and Philip Wylie from Chletenham and County Harriers 3rd in 00:51:25
The fastest lady was Kate Drew from Taunton AC in 1:01:59, followed by Ruby Lily Orchard from Vegan Runners in 1:01:40

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