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Below are the club records split into age categories and based on the age of the runner on the day of the race.

If you think you have beaten one of the club records please get in touch, results are verified and updated annually.
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  • Braunton 10k

    In the 10k: Matt East 0:44:00, Luke Rigler 0:44:58, Sara Colvin 0:49:08 (3rd lady and 1st in category), Andy Walter 0:56:14, Amy Andrews 1:04:36

  • Braunton 10 Mile

    Amazing club results from the Blues today at Braunton. Keith Shapland took the winning time in the 10 Mile in 0:57:23 by 3 seconds, Stephen Cameron 5th in 1:00:22, Gary Blight 1:06:43, Martin Colwill 1:06:55 (1st in category), Julie Dixon 1st female in 1:07:08, Jamie Hollis 1:09:31, Chris Fuller 1:09:32, Chris Stone 1:11:26, Jo Bedler 1:14:24, Matt Rowe 1:17:08, Kathryn Beades 1:19:21, Helen Colwill 1:19:36, Ashley Jewell 1:20:46, Steve Sanders 1:21:48, Don Marsh 1:22:39, Phil Lacey 1:24:18, Michelle Bright 1:27:12, Clive Bright 1:27:47, Dave Eldridge 1:30:27, Gemma Steele 1:30:56, Sue Stanford 1:31:44

  • South West Cross Country Championships

    U13 girls: Freya Woodhead representing Devon was 8th and 2nd in Devon Team in 0:13:07 (and she’s only 11!)
    U15 girls: Taryn Powe 35th in 0:17:08
    Senior women: Julie Dixon representing Devon was 17 over all in 0:23:07 and 3rd vet 45
    U15 boys: James Figes 54th in 0:19:34
    U17 men: Flynn Jennings representing Devon was 1st in 0:18:20, and Will Figes also representing Devon was 44th in 0:22:39 both part of the winning Devon Team
    Senior men: Mark Jenkin representing Cornwall was 7th over all in 0:28:11 and 1st vet 40

  • Beat the Fox

    Gary Blight 21:04.3, Chris Stone 21:11.3, Andrew Pearson 22:08.1, Steven Turner 22:41.0, Caden Boon 24:11.7, Bodie Johns 24:51.7, Jack Johns 26:11.6, Phil Lacey 26:16.3, Andy Walter 33:13.9, Jo Hedderly 33:51.8, Gary Hatch 33:52.6, Edwina Stevenson 34:01.3, Alan Heard 37:58.5, Michael Gilmore 38:08.9, John Sleep 41:17.4, Amber Bright 51:25.7, Michelle Bright 51:26.1, Clive Bright 51:27.2, Stephen Cameron 56:10.5

  • Westward League Cross Country – Westward Ho!

    Senior women: Julie Dixon 24:06, Lynsie Newcombe 26:39, Helen Colwill 28:47, Sara Colvin 29:33
    U13 girls: Freya Woodhead 3rd in 13:00

    Senior men: Ronnie Richmond 1st in 30:39  (1st overall), Mark Jenkin 2nd in 30:42 (1st in category), Jim Kirk 34:07, Ian Gooding 34:11, Martin Colwill 37:05, John Shapland 39:35, Luke Rigler 42:45
    U17 men: Will Figes 22:09, Jamie Milsom 22:53
    U13 boys: Bodie Johns 17:53, Jayden Rigler 20:15
    U11 boys: Caden Boon 2nd 6:32

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  • Weston Christmas Cracker

    Keith Shapland 5th and 1st in category in 0:38:21, Gary Blight 0:42:01 (3rd in category), Jules Dixon 2nd lady in 0:42:33, Andy Pearson 0:45:54, Lorraine Clements 0:48:14 (3rd in category), Steve Clements 0:49:01, Ashley Jewell 0:51:30, Michelle Bright 0:52:46, Clive Bright 0:53:57, Jo Hedderly 0:56:58, Dave Eldridge 0:58:08, Gemma Steele 0:58:40, Ali Blackman 0:58:46, Edwina Stevenson 0:58:47, Alan Heard 1:03:45, Jamie Hollis 1:06:39, Sammy Antell 1:13:28, Eric Hubber 1:19:19, Jadwiga Karniewicz 1:32:03, Tony Merrett 1:32:04

  • Telford 10k

    Ronnie Richmond in a super speedy net time of 0:29:59 – great running Ronnie, you’ve trained hard for that time and pb

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