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Below are the club records split into age categories and based on the age of the runner on the day of the race. Only first claim members are eligible for club records.

If you think you have beaten one of the club records please get in touch, results are verified and updated annually.
The information in these records can only be as accurate as times and results provided.

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  • Bideford 10k 2024

    Massive congratulations to everyone who ran the Bideford 10k yesterday you were all awesome

    The winner was Ronnie Richmond from Bideford AAC in 31:13, followed by Luke Granger 31:35, in 3rd Josh Benford from Bideford AAC in 31:47

    The winning female was Nikki Kelly from Tavistock AC in 37:12, in 2nd Lucy Coad from South West Road Runners in 38:20, in 3rd Evee Banbury from Torrington AAC in 38:22

  • Bannister Miles

    Simon Mugglestone ran 5:09.99 just 24 hours after racing 10km at the Great Birmingham Run

  • Hartland Hartbreaker

    Jack Hastings won the half in 1:17:34, Clare Dixon was winning female in 1:32:57, Mark Curtis 4th 1:27:20, Vince Helliwell 7th 1:31:56, Jane Cann 1:36:09, David Crowther 1:54:56, Jo Hedderly 1:59:27.

    And taking on the full Hartbreaker Stuart Allin in 3:31:53

  • Great Birmingham 10k

    We are incredibly proud to have 5 of our athletes representing England in their respective age groups at the Birmingham 10k. John Shapland 2nd V70 41:53, Simon Mugglestone 3rd V55 35:16, Lorraine Clements 5th V60 46:03, Martin Colwill 16th V55 37:45, Helen Colwill 17th V50 49:04, Steve Clements 44:12.

  • Newport Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k

    Cracking results from the Blues at the ABP Newport Marathon, Half Marathon and 10k! Sammy Antell 2nd female in the Marathon in 02:46:55. Ronnie Richmond winner of the Half Marathon in 01:07:15, Serane Stone 01:25:46 2nd in category and in the 10K Jamie Blackman 51:24

  • Mid Cheshire 5k

    Dan Mapp 14:55, Simon Mugglestone 17:21 (2nd V55), John Shapland 20:27 (1st V70)

  • London Marathon

    A set of amazing results achieved at the London Marathon. Josh Benford 02:28:38, Arron Kearney 02:36:55, James Pugsley 02:37:38, Martin Colwill 02:59:10, Gary Blight, 02:59:37, Vince Helliwell 03:12:45, Lorna Watts 03:26:09, Lorraine Clements 03:39:21, Helen Colwill 03:51:13, Jon Lamont 04:01:47, Jess Lamont 04:02:15, Dave Stevenson 04:18:51, Edwina Stevenson 04:23:06, Sally Piper 04:58:34. Some great personal bests, good for age and first time marathon performances. We are incredibly proud of all of you

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