Bideford Regatta

It was the perfect end to the rowing season for Bideford Blues. On their own water they claimed ten first positions, championship of the river and the all important Billy Little cup. This cup is given to one of the two local clubs, the Blues or the Reds and is won by the club with the most points on the day.
It was celebrations for Shannon Monaghan, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May, Kirsty Snow and Zoe Robertson (cox). Not only did they cruise through to win the ladies senior C but they went onto win the ladies junior 18 fours resulting in them winning the ladies junior 18 championship for the second year in a row and also securing their place in next week’s junior championship race at Herne Bay. Other crews that won the championship for their categories were the junior 14 quad crew, ladies novice, Alex Dualibi-Wilson in the junior 16 single scull, men’s junior 16 quad and men’s senior C. All these rowers will be joining the ladies junior 18’s at Herne Bay next weekend.

First place
Men’s junior 16 double sculls – Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan
Ladies senior C fours – Shannon Monaghan, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May and Kirsty Snow
Men’s novice fours – L Wilson, Dan Talbot, Charlie White and James Jordan
Ladies novice fours – Lorna Colwill, Kirsty Andrew, Kayla Johnson, Renata-Dualibi-Wilson and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Ladies senior B fours – Zoe Robertson, Annie Cook, Shelby May, Jess Myers and Hannah Myers (cox)
First place (continued)
Men’s junior 16 single sculls – Alex Dualibi-Wilson
Men’s junior 14 quad fours – Nell Gierke, Toby Evans, Charlie Colwill and Jack Berry
Ladies junior 18 fours – Shannon Monaghan, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May and Kirsty Snow
Men’s junior 16 coxed quad fours – Jamie Norton, Jasper Beer, Alex Dualibi-Wilson, James Jordan and Hannah Myers (cox)
Mixed open fours – Zoe Robertson, Annie Cook, Milo George, Charlie White and Tina Robertson (cox)

Second place
Masters handicapped fours – Dave Bates, Dave Powe, Dave Burton and Alistair Peake
Men’s senior C single sculls – Declan Monaghan
Ladies junior 14 quad fours – Joanna Grigg, S Connor, Ellie Carter and Nell Gierke
Men’s senior B single sculls – Milo George
Senior A fours – Matt Colwill, Nick Dualibi-Wilson, Dave Burton, Alistair Peake and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Men’s junior 16 single sculls – James Jordan
Men’s senior C fours – Declan Monaghan, Matt Colwill, Nick Dualibi-Wilson, Brian Andrew and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Men’s junior 14 double sculls – Toby Evans and Jack Berry
Men’s junior 18 single sculls – Alex Dualibi-Wilson

Third place
Colin Pennington, Glenn Wilkins, Nigel Cann, Neil Pennington and Chloe Pennington (cox)
Men’s novice single sculls – Lucas Wilson
Men’s senior B fours – Dan Talbot, Matt Colwill, Nick Dualibi-Wilson, Brian Andrew and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Ladies junior 14 single sculls – Ellie Carter
Men’s junior 14 single sculls – Charlie Colwill
Ladies junior 14 double sculls -Joanna Grigg and S Connor

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