Dartmouth Regatta

Crews from all over the south of the country came and took part in the largest regatta of the season at Dartmouth on Thursday. After an unsettled week the sun shone and so did the Bideford Blues bringing home six wins, two second places and two thirds.

The first win of the day came from Declan Monaghan in the men’s novice skulls race. Next was the men’s junior 16 double scull when Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan brought home their first win of the day. It was an excellent performance by the men’s novice fours crew of Brian Andrew, T Hendy, Declan Monaghan and Charlie Colwill (cox) also coming home in first place.

It wasn’t just the men bringing home the golds though, Shannon Monaghan, Shelby May, Charlotte Berry, Kirsty Snow with Tina Robertson (cox) came home first in the ladies junior 18 fours whilst Lorna Colwill and Hayley Wilson teamed up with Brian Andrews and James Yeo with Charlie Colwill (cox) to take first in the mixed novice fours race.

The race of the day had to be the men’s novice double scull race. Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan faced tough competition and looked to be having to settle for second place, however, keeping cool heads and rowing strong the boys battled back and came home in first place.

It was second place for Shannon Monaghan in the ladies junior 16 scull race and Annie Cook in the ladies senior C scull race.

The veteran crew of Colin Pennington, Steve Clements, Nigel Cann, Neil Pennington and Chloe Pennington (cox) had to settle for third place as did the ladies senior A fours crew of Zoe Robertson, Annie Cook, Shelby May, Kirsty Snow with Tina Robertson (cox).

Photo shows Alex and James who won two races.

Alex and James Exeter

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