Exeter Regatta

This weekend the Blues travelled to Exeter for their annual regatta. 234 crews competed in over 140 races which made a good day of rowing along the canal. The Bideford Blues had a tough day of competing in the 400m sprint races. It was first place for the ladies senior C crew who picked up their first win of the season, whilst the mens masters gained a first and second place in their races. With four wins, six seconds and six third positions the season is proving to be a successful one so far for the Blues crews.

1st place
Mens masters 4+: Dave Bates, Steve Cheel, Dave Powe, Alistair Peake and Jo Grigg (cox)
Ladies novice 2x: Charlotte Berry and Kayla Johnson
Ladies senior C 4+: Lorna Colwill, Kirsty Andrew, Becka Brown, Hayley Wilson and Nell Gierke (cox)
Mens junior 15 2x: Toby Evans and Charlie Colwill

2nd place
Mens senior C 1x: Declan Monaghan
Mens junior 16 4x +: Tom Picillo, Toby Evans, Jack Berry, Charlie Colwill and Nell Gierke (cox)
Mens masters 4 x +: Dave Bates, Dave Powe, Steve Cheel, Alistair Peake and Jo Grigg (cox)
Ladies junior 14 1x: Charlie Smale
Mens senior C 4+: Matt Colwill, Declan Monaghan, Nick Dualibi-Wilson, Brian Andrew and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Mens junior 15 2x: Tom Picillo and Jack Berry

3rd place
Mens senior C 1x : Nick Dualibi-Wilson
Ladies novice 1x : Charlotte Berry
Mens open 2- : Matt Colwill and Adam Curtis (Blues / Reds composite crew)
Ladies senior B 4+ : Lorna Colwill, Kirsty Andrew, Becka Brown, Hayley Wilson and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Ladies junior 16 4 x + : Nell Gierke, Sadhbh Connor, Charlie Smale, Hannah Evans and Jo Grigg (cox)
Mens senior B 4 + : Declan Monaghan, Alex Dualibi-Wilson, Matt Colwill, Brian Andrew and Charlie Colwill (cox)

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