Plymouth Regatta

Crews from Bideford Blues travelled to Plymouth this weekend for the first regatta of the 2017 season. The regatta attracted over 200 crews made up from 11 clubs from across the region. The rain stayed away but the crews had to put up with windy conditions down the 1000m course.

For two young crews it was the first time competing in a regatta. The junior 13 and 14 crews made up of Casey Colwill, Harry Fanson, Barney Evans, Jamie Milsom, Harrison Beer and Immy Paiano put in great performances and really made the club proud, especially as they had to row up an age group.

The women’s junior 16 crew had an interesting start to the season. After a poor start to the race which resulted in clashes between crews and the race being scrapped and re-rowed at the end of the day they stormed through to secure 3 rd place.

It was the men’s senior C crew that must have had the race of the day, despite the trying conditions they held their cool and cruised through to win by a matter of feet.

Results of the day below:
1st place
Men’s senior C scull – Declan Monaghan
Men’s junior 18 fours – Jamie Norton, Jasper Beer, Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan
Men’s senior C coxed fours – Matt Colwill, Alex Dualibi-Wilson, Declan Monaghan, Brian Andrew and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Men’s masters coxed fours (E) – Colin Pennington, Steve Clements, Nigel Cann, Neil Pennington and
Frank Branch (cox)
Men’s novice scull – James Jordan

2nd place
Junior 13’s coxed fours – Harry Fanson, Immy Paiano, Jamie Milsom, Barney Evans and Matt Colwill(cox)
Men’s junior 15 double scull – Toby Evans and Charlie Colwill
Women’s junior 15 double scull – Charlie Smale and Nell Gierke
Mixed senior C coxed fours (A) – Becka Brown, Brian Andrew, Charlotte Berry and Alistair Peake
Men’s junior 18 double scull – Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan
Men’s masters coxed fours (D) – Steve Cheel, Dave Powe, David Burton, Alastair Peake and Nell Gierke (cox)
Junior 16 coxed fours – Nell Gierke, Jack Berry, Toby Evans, Charlie Colwill and Renata Dualibi-Wilson (cox)

3rd place
Women’s junior 16 coxed fours – Nell Gierke, Sadbh Connor, Olivia Weston, Joanna Grigg and Renata Dualibi-Wilson (cox)
Men’s junior 15 scull – Jack Berry
Men’s senior B coxed fours – Matt Colwill, Dan Talbot, Declan Monaghan, Brian Andrew and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Women’s novice scull – Shannon Monaghan
Mixed senior C coxed fours (B) – Hayley Wilson, Jamie Norton, Kirsty Andrew and Dan Talbot

4th place
Women’s senior A coxed fours – Lorna Colwill, Kirsty Andrew, Becka Brown and Hayley Wilson

5th place
Junior 14 coxed fours – Barney Evans, Jamie Milsom, Harrison Bear, Casey Colwill and Matt Colwill (cox)

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