Virtual Good Friday Relays

Virtual relays for senior and junior club members of all abilities from Friday 2 April to Sunday 18 April 2021 (end of the Easter holidays). Seniors and over 16s run a 3k route, under 16 junior run a 1.5k route.

Here are the teams (seniors over 16 all run 3k):
Team 1: Edward Hill (1.5k), Mark Jenkin, Fletcher Powe, Jo Hedderly, Lexi Reeves (3k)
Team 2: Barnie Reeves (1.5k), Keith Shapland, Andrew Pearson, Sally Ann Piper, Andy McIntosh
Team 3: Tyler-John Short (1.5k), Arron Kearney, Tony Seydou Bailey, Ruthy Taylor, Ellie Davies
Team 4: Archie Reeves (1.5k), Andrew Ingle, Steve Turner, Amanda Reeves, Charlie Pilkington (3k)
Team 5: Henry Hamilton (1.5k), John O’Donoghue, Stephen Reeves, Jess Gierke, Freya Woodhead (3k)
Team 6: Finley Cloak (1.5k), Peter Hockin, Ashley Miles Jewell, Elise Woodhead, Harvey Reeves (3k)
Team 7: Charlie Pilkington (1.5k), Jack Hastings, Shaun Woodhead, Leanne Glover, Gemma Steele
Team 8: Harvey Reeves (1.5k), Gary Suggate, Ross Maclagan, Lyns Newcombe, Oliver Goldsworthy (3k)
Team 9: Freya Woodhead, Gary Blight, Tim Lane, Amy Hawkes, Finley Cloak (3k)
Note: some juniors are running twice (the short and long course), or just the long course so distances are marked in brackets for the juniors.

How it works:

  • After registration has closed all participants will be put into teams. The team makeup will depend on participant numbers but is typically two males, one female and one junior.
  • Senior participants and over 16s choose a 3k route, under 16 junior participants chose a 1.5k route; the start and finish must be in the same place, ideally an out and back course.
  • Activities must be run, and results submitted between Friday 2 April (Good Friday) and Sunday 18 April 2021 (end of the Easter holidays).
  • Team results are compiled from the accumulative times of each runner. Results will be based on total elapsed time, not moving time.
  • Prizes for the winning team – chocolate for under 18s, club bar voucher for over 18s.
  • Individual times will also be published.

Results Submission

  • Smart watch or Strava must be used to record the run. If using Strava, participants should be a member of the Bideford AAC Strava Club.
  • Please name uploaded runs: BAAC Good Friday Relay.
  • Only ONE run per participant must be named as stated above during event week; if you have multiple attempts at the run do not name it until you know which run you want to submit as your result.
  • For participants not on Strava please email a link or screen shot of your recorded activity to before the end of event week. Only one run should be submitted.


  1. Participants must adhere to the Government’s coronavirus instruction and social distancing guidelines while completing runs. Please view our coronavirus update for more information.
  2. Strictly fully paid active club members only. If you would like to take part and are not a member of Bideford AAC, simply sign up online before Monday 29 March 2021.


Participants take part at their own risk, Bideford AAC accept no liability for loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses, which may arise in consequence of participation in the events. Participants must adhere to the current Government Guidelines on social distancing and exercise.

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