• The Harriers running section of Bideford AAC was founded in 1980 by Geoff Fanson and Barrie White. We are affiliated to the South of England Athletic Association, England Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs.

    Our main club runs are on a Tuesday or Thursday night, 6pm from the clubhouse, and include runners of varying abilities and paces. If you are thinking of joining a running club then please get in touch and come and try a couple of runs. Whatever your standard of fitness you will be made more than welcome (it really is a miss-conception you need to be quick to join a running club).

Combe Crawler

Tom Ball 8th in 1:06:31 (4th in category), Andy Pearson 10th in 1:08:05 (category winner), Charlie Davis 1:15:00 (2nd in category)

Westward League Cross Country – Newquay

Senior and Vet Ladies: Jo Bedlar 21:26 (3rd overall in category), Helen Colwill 22:27 (1st overall in category), Sara Colvin 22:40 (3rd overall in category), Alison Apps 24:45
Bideford AAC Vet Female Team are 3rd in the league

Senior and Vet Men: Ronnie Richmond 1st in 26:59 (1st overall), Mark Jenkin 2nd in 27:02 (2nd overall), Shaun Antell 3rd in 27:37, Andy Ingle 31:39, Martin Colwill 31:10 (2nd overall in category), Jamie Blackman 31:59, Brent Colvin 32:24
Bideford AAC Senior Male Team are 2nd in the league and Vet Male Team 14th

Full league results

Club Bideford 10 Miler

Ronnie Richmond 1st in 00:51:32, Andrew Ingle 2nd in 00:56:37, Jamie Blackman 00:57:33, Keith Shapland 00:57:57, Martin Colwill 00:58:57 (1st in category), Gary Suggate 01:00:00 (1st in category), Arron Kearney 01:02:03, James Jewell 01:03:01, Brent Colvin 01:03:39, Tom Ball 01:03:52, Kelvin Groves 01:04:01, Jim Kirk 01:05:05, Steven Turner 01:05:31, Andrew Pearson 01:05:49, Daniel Brewer 01:06:02, Mike Bishop 01:07:45, Jo Bedler 01:09:02 (3rd in category), Robbie Murray 01:09:03, Gary Blight 01:11:38, Nick Sturtridge 01:11:46 (2nd in category), Ashley Jewell 01:11:57, Helen Colwill 01:12:58 (2nd in category), Christy Worthington 01:13:15, Milo George 01:13:30, Robert Wilson 01:14:49, Stewart Snetzler 01:17:13, Lorraine Clements 01:17:16 (1st in category), Luke Sturtridge 01:18:25, Matt Figes 01:18:20, Clive Bright 01:19:38, Michelle Bright 01:19:37, Cy Margieson 01:19:22, Andrew North 01:19:58, Kevin Evans 01:19:09, Alison Apps 01:20:00, Candace Jewell 01:20:24, Paul Sturtridge 01:22:53, Sadie Davies 01:23:17, Sophie Chapman 01:23:09, Barrie Huxtable 01:24:45, Phil Lacey 01:24:36, Doug Jenkin 01:25:15, Kim Jenkin 01:25:46, Chris Williams 01:27:10, Phillip Thomas 01:28:05, Samantha Barnbrook 01:28:33, Jo Hedderly 01:29:09, Amanda Reeves 01:30:20, Colin Mitchell 01:31:40, Darren Bridle 01:34:45, David Eldridge 01:34:44, Michael Gilmore 01:37:44 (2nd in category), Patricia Martin 01:38:55, Joanne Kaufman-Hill 01:40:19, Lorrie Woolgar 01:41:27, Anna Squire 01:41:21, Rose Cashmore 01:43:02, Eric Hubber 01:44:12, Charlotte Elliott 01:44:25, Lois Vickers 01:45:41, Kathryn Beades 01:45:54, Sammy Antell 01:45:54, Elizabeth Eggleton 01:48:14, Julia Glover 01:49:38, Annette Joyce 02:15:41, Janice Warren 02:40:08

Bideford AAC were also 1st Senior Male Team (Ronnie Richmond, Andy Ingle, Jamie Blackman, Keith Shapland) and 1st Vet Male Team (Martin Colwill, Gary Suggate, James Jewell, Brent Colvin

Gliddon & Squire North Devon XC – Race 3

Venue: Coxleigh Barton
U11 boys (2.2k): Charlie Pilkington 9:29
U13 girls (2.2k): Taryn Powe 10:48
U13 boys (2.8k): 2nd team overall, Cohen Phillips 3rd in 11:47, Fletcher Powe 12:40, Jamie Milsom 12:44, Finn Tolson 12:46 James Figes 13:35, Harvey Reeves 13:49, James Evans 14:13, Harry Fanson 15:45
U15 boys (4.4k): Flynn Jennings 17:48,
Senior ladies (4.4k): 2nd team overall, Sara Colvin 3rd in 21:14

Gliddon & Squire North Devon XC – Race 2

Venue: Shebbear College
U11 boys (1.75k): Charlie Pilkington 2nd in 06:21 (1st in category)
U13 girls (2.25k): Elena Christley 9:59 (3rd in category), Taryn Powe 10:30, Madison Tate 11:40
U13 boys (2.75k): 2nd team overall, Cohen Phillips 3rd in 11:09 (3rd in category), Evan Suggate 5th 11:41, Harvey Reeves 12:42, Finn Tolson 12:46, James Evans 12:58, Harry Fanson 15:02
U15 boys (3.25k): Flynn Jennings 19:15
Senior ladies (4.25k): 2nd team overall, Sara Colvin 22:58 (3rd in category), Sam Barnbrook 26:00, Sadie Davies 27:05, Amanda Reeves 27:18
Senior men (5.25k): Gary Suggate 3rd in 21:32 (2nd in category), Pete Rigler 30:12

Full results available here

Manchester Half Marathon

Shaun Antell 7th and 5th in category in 1:06:38 (pb), Ronnie Richmond 12th in 1:08:10 (pb), Mark Jenkin 15th and 5th in category in 1:08:31, Brendan Patton 1:14:10 (pb)