• The Bideford AAC Running Section was founded in 1980 by Geoff Fanson and Barrie White and offers opportunities for both recreational and competitive running. Our Tuesday and Thursday night runs are of mixed ability and pace (it really is a misconception you need to be quick to join). Runners who are interested in joining are welcome to try sessions to see if it’s for them. For Junior Athletics and Running children must be age 9 and above.

    The Running Section is affiliated to England Athletics, Association of Running Clubs, South of England Athletic Association and Devon County Athletics Association.

    For more information please get in touch.

Cardiff 10k

Shaun Antell 8th in 0:30:39, Ronnie Richmond 0:31:33, James Pugsley 0:33:56, Jamie Blackman 0:36:58, Julie Dixon 0:37:42 (1st in category), Sammy Antell 0:40:27, Jo Bedler 0:42:17 (1st in category), Leanne Glover 0:43:32 (pb), Ali Blackman 0:50:14, Edwina Stevenson 0:50:29, Linda Eastmond 1:00:18

Battle of Sedgemoor 10k

Gary Blight 0:39:22, Tim Sturtridge 0:41:05, Neil Marke 0:41:12, Jo Bedler 0:42:06, Karen Shapland 0:43:23, Steve Sanders 0:46:24, Linda Eastmond 0:51:22

401 Running Festival

James Jewell 2:56:13 (4th overall, 2nd in category) – 5k 2nd in 0:19:17 (1st in category), Half Marathon 1:32:25 (2nd in category), 10k 5th in 0:40:12 (2nd in category), 6.1k 1st in 0:24:09
Candy Jewell 3:45:17 (4th in category) – 5k 0:25:56, Half marathon 1:55:01, 10k 0:52:10, 6.1k 0:32:10

Yeovilton 5k Series, Race 5

Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 14:59 (pb), Dan Mapp 5th in 15:21 (pb), Flynn Jennings 8th in 16:02 (pb), Andy Ingle 16:34, Keith Shapland 16:36, James Jewell 17:43, Julie Dixon 17:48, Gary Blight 18:36, John Shapland 19:06, Jo Bedler 20:08, Leanne Glover 20:18 (pb), Karen Shapland 21:27, Gemma Steele 26:58


Indian Queens Half

Mark Jenkin 1st in 1:11:32, Ian Gooding 4th in 1:17:01, Andrew Ingle 6th in 1:19:25, Michelle Bright 1:54:15, Clive Bright 1:58:53