• The Harriers running section of Bideford AAC was founded in 1980 by Geoff Fanson and Barrie White. We are affiliated to the South of England Athletic Association, England Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs.

    Our main club runs are on a Tuesday or Thursday night, 6pm from the clubhouse, and include runners of varying abilities and paces. If you are thinking of joining a running club then please get in touch and come and try a couple of runs. Whatever your standard of fitness you will be made more than welcome (it really is a miss-conception you need to be quick to join a running club).

Bideford Half Marathon 2017

In memory of Geoff Fanson, who was one of the founders of the running section of Bideford AAC.

Jim Cole from Tavistock Running Club was 1st in 01:11:21, Jordan Andrews from Plymouth Harriers 2nd in 01:11:45 and Jack Blackburn from Pontypridd Roadents RC was 3rd in 01:14:43

The fastest lady was Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:20:37, followed by Zelah Morrall from Cornwall AC in1:21:41

Individual results | Category results

Club Bideford Half Marathon

James Pugsley 01:15:56, Andy Ingle 01:16:54, Keith Shapland 01:18:17, Jim Kirk 01:21:43, James Jewell 01:24:06, Jamie Blackman 01:24:09, Julie Dixon 01:26:34 (2nd in category), Brian Andrew 01:28:57, Chris Stone 01:29:50, Gary Blight 01:32:43, Jamie Hollis 01:33:04, Mike Bishop 01:35:28, Timmy Sturtridge 01:37:02, David Spencer 01:37:14, David Crowther 01:38:18, Christy Worthington 01:38:28, Kevin Evans 01:38:55, Milo George 01:39:06, Nick Sturtridge 01:39:23, Ashley Jewell 01:39:40, Stewart Snetzler 01:42:32, Dale Wilson 01:42:33, Lorraine Clements 01:43:02, Matt Figes 01:45:49, Michelle Bright 01:46:28, Clive Bright 01:46:29, Ian Gooding 01:46:40, Alison Apps 01:47:19, luke Sturtridge 01:47:59, Sadie Davies 01:50:29, Edwina Stevenson 01:52:13, leaha Davey 01:53:27, Lorrie Woolgar 01:54:06, Jo Hedderly 01:54:27, Phillip Thomas 01:55:03, Elise Woodhead 01:55:28, Mark Fundrey 01:56:16, Candace Jewell 01:56:49, Amanda Reeves 01:58:11, Karen Allen 02:00:52, Tim Lane 02:02:11, Simon Willan 02:04:12, Gemma Steele 02:04:15, Mary Pool 02:05:34, Austin Galt 02:06:07, Catherine Gardner 02:09:55, Andrew Wilson 02:12:03, Tracey Wilson 02:13:13, Shaun Wilson 02:14:16, Alison Diane Quinton-Tulloch 02:15:20, Julia Glover 02:16:14, Patricia Martin 02:16:21, Steve Heywood 02:18:43, Kirsty Andrew 02:24:17

Bideford AAC were also 1st Senior Male Team (James Pugsley, Andy Ingle, Keith Shapland and Jim Kirk)