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Appledore Regatta

After returning from Paignton Regatta on the Saturday, the wins continued on Sunday at Appledore regatta with eight firsts, six seconds and three thirds.

First place
Men’s junior 18 doubles – Charlie White and Alex Dualibi-Wilson
Men’s vet open fours – Dave Bates, Dave Powe, Dave Burton, Alistair Peake and Kirsty Snow (cox)
Men’s junior 16 quads – James Jordan, Toby Evans, Alex Dualibi-Wilson, Jamie Norton and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Men’s junior 14 quads – Toby Evans, Jack Berry, Charlie Colwill, Nell Gierke and Tina Robertson (cox)
Men’s senior C Fours – Brian Andrew, Matt Colwill, Nick Dualibi-Wilson, Declan Monaghan and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Men’s junior 16 doubles – Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan
Ladies novice fours – Jo Moulder, Kirsty Andrew, Verity Foracre and Lorna Colwill
Men’s junior 16 sculls – James Jordan

Second place
Ladies senior C fours – Shannon Monaghan, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May, Kirsty Snow and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Ladies junior 14 quads – Nell Gierke, Charlie Smale, Joanna Grigg, Ellie Carter and Tina Robertson (cox)
Men’s veteran open fours – Matt Colwill, Brian Andrew, James Yeo, S Chields and Hayley Wilson (cox)
Ladies junior 14 doubles – Nell Gierke and Charlie Smale
Ladies junior 14 sculls – Charlie Smale
Men’s junior 14 doubles – Charlie Colwill and Jack Berry

Third place
Mixed senior C fours – Hayley Wilson, Rebecca Brown, James Yeo, Milo George and Verity Foracre (cox)
Men’s senior B Fours – Dave Bates, Dave Powe, Dave Burton, Alistair Peake and Kirsty Snow (cox)
Men’s junior 16 sculls – Jamie Norton

Paignton Regatta

It was a fantastic weekend for the Bideford Blues rowers this weekend, with sunshine, lots of wins and a birthday celebration thrown into the mix.
On Saturday the club travelled to Paignton for their annual regatta returning back to home waters on Sunday for the Appledore regatta.
Conditions were surprisingly good for Paignton with the sun shining all day, the club came away with six first places and even had time to celebrate the club’s President, Barrie White’s, 70th birthday.
It was success for the Colwill family with Dad Matt winning his first senior C race of the season at Appledore whilst Mum Lorna and son Charlie had two wins each over the weekend.

First place
Women junior 18 fours – Shannon Monaghan, Kayla Johnson, Shelby May, Kirsty Snow and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Men’s junior 16 fours – Jamie Norton, Alex Dualibi-Wilson, Toby Evans, James Jordan and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Women’s novice fours – Lorna Colwill, Kirsty Andrew, Rebecca Brown, Hayley Wilson and Charlie Colwill (cox)
Men’s junior 14s quads – Nell Gierke, Charlie Colwill, Toby Evans, Charlie Smale and Renata Dualibi-Wilson (cox)
Men’s junior 16s scull – Alex Dualibi-Wilson
Men’s junior 16s doubles – Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan

Second place
Women’s junior 14s fours – Nell Gierke, Ellie Carter, Charlie Smale, Joanna Grigg and Renata Dualibi-Wilson (cox)
Men’s junior 16s scull – Jamie Norton
Women’s senior C fours – Shannon Monaghan, Jo Moulder, Shelby May, Kirsty Snow and Charlie Colwill (cox)

Third place
Men’s senior C fours – Milo George, Matt Colwill, Brian Andrew, James Yeo and Charlie Colwill (cox)

Falmouth Regatta 2016

A group of rowers from Bideford Blues travelled to Falmouth on Saturday to take part in the annual regatta. They managed to bring home four wins despite the conditions being wet and windy.
First place
Under 18s junior ladies of Kirsty Snow, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May, Shannon Monaghue with Tina Robertson (cox).
Under 16s men’s quad – Jasper Beer, Lucas Wilson, Jamie Norton and Toby Evans. It was a great performance by Toby who stepped up from the under 14’s to fill in.
Junior 14s quad – Jack Berry, Toby Evans, Charlie Smale, Nell Gierke and Tina Robertson (cox).
Men’s under 16 scull – Jamie Norton.

Third place
Ladies senior C – Kirsty Snow, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May, Shannon Monaghue and Tina Robertson (cox)
Under 14 scull – Charlie Smale
Under 13 scull – Ellie Carter
Under 14 girls quad

Exeter Regatta

Crews from the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club travelled to Exeter this weekend to take part in the 2016 City of Exeter Regatta. Good conditions welcomed the crews for the 400m sprint course.

The club had a very successful day notching up eight wins and some pretty impressive performances.

The women’s junior 14 coxed quad had their first ever win. The crew of Nell Geirke, Charlie Smale, Sadhbh Connor, Joanna Grigg and Cox Tina Robertson had a fantastic race and showed their hard work has paid off.

First place
Women’s Junior 18 fours – Kirsty Snow, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May, Kayla Johnson and Cox Zoe Robertson.
Men’s junior 16 double scull – James Jordan and Alex Duaibi-Wilson
Mixed senior C fours – Hayley Wilson, Becca Brown, James Yeo, Milo George and cox Matt Colwill.
Mixed novice hours – Renata Dualibi-Wilson, Kirsty Andrew, Dan Talbot, Lorna Colwill and cox Charlie Colwill.
Men’s junior 16 scull – Alex Dualibi-Wilson.
Men’s junior 16 coxed quad – Jamie Norton, James Jordan, Jasper Beer, Alex Dualibi-Wilson and cox Hannah Myers.
Men’s masters fours – Neil Pennington, Nigel Cann, Colin Pennington, Glenn Wilkins (from Bideford Reds) and cox Zoe Robertson.

Second place
Men’s senior C fours – Brian Andrew, Matt Colwill, Declan Monaghan, Nick Dualibi-Wilson and cox Lorna Colwill.
Men’s junior 18 fours – James Jordan, Nick Dualibi-Wilson, Charlie White, Alex Dualibi-Wilson and cox Jamie Norton.
Men’s junior 18 double scull – Charlie White and Nick Dualibi-Wilson.
Women’s junior 14 scull – Charlie Smale.
Women’s novice fours – Hayley Wilson, Becca Brown, Kirsty Andrew, Lorna Colwill and cox Charlie Colwill

Third place
Men’s senior B fours – Brian Andrew, Matt Colwill, James Yeo, Nick Dualibi-Wilson and cox Tracey Wilson.

It was hard work and bad luck for the women’s senior C four crew of Charlotte Berry, Kirsty Snow, Shelby May, Hannah Myers and cox Zoe Robertson. The girls got through to the repechage and twice had a dead heat, with Exeter finally finishing ahead on the third race to reach the final.

Colin Pennington went on for another win but this time in the coxswains seat when he coxed the women’s novice crew of Shannon Monaghan, Shelby May, Charlotte Berry and Kirsty Snow to a win in what was a very close race.

In the women’s junior 18’s race Monaghan, May and Snow with Berry being replaced by Joanna Moulder were coxed to victory by Tina Robertson.

It was a very close finish in the men’s junior 16 double scull race with Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan having to push right to the finish line to grab the win.

It was another good performance from the relatively new crew of Christine Michael, Shauna Thompson, Mandy Mills, Sam Dolby and cox Dave Powe in the women’s novice race, this time coming home in 3rd position.

It was 3rd position also for Declan Monaghue in the men’s novice scull race.

Another great weekend of rowing by the Bideford club.

Plymouth Regatta

With a few rowers missing from this weekend’s regatta due to other commitments the remaining Blues crews took to the water at Plymouth and put in yet another fantastic performance, results are as follows:
First place
Junior 14s fours – Charlie Colwill, Toby Evans, Jack Berry and Nell Gierke
Novice Mixed – Dave Bates, Renata Dualibi- Wilson, Dan Talbot and Sam Dolby

Second place
Junior 16s Scull – James Jordan
Junior 16s double – Jamie Norton and Jasper Beer
Junior 18s double – Nick Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan
Men’s Senior C – Matt Colwill, Declan Monaghan, Brian Andrews and James Yeo
Women’s Senior C – Kirsty Snow, Shannon Monaghan, Charlotte Berry and Shelby May
Women’s Junior 18s fours – Kirsty Snow, Charlotte Berry, Shelby Johnson and Shannon Monaghan

Third place
Junior 16s scull – Jamie Norton
Junior 14s scull – Charlie Smale


Totnes Regatta

It was two days of rowing this weekend for Bideford Blues who travelled to Totnes to take part in their annual regatta.

Saturday saw James Jordan and Alex Dualibi-Wilson have a first and second position. First in the men’s junior 16 doubles and second in men’s junior 18 doubles.

The men’s open doubles had to settle for second position following a clash in the first attempt of the race. The pair, Charlie White and Nick Dualibi-Wilson were taking an early lead in the race but unfortunately a clash of crews further down the race meant a re-row, this time the Blues having to take second place to Totnes.

The women’s novice doubles, Hannah Myers and Shannon Monaghan came in third position.

On Sunday the club notched up two firsts, five seconds and two thirds.

It was the young men’s junior 16 fours who earnt the title of race of the day which resulted in a win for the youngsters, but only just. The crew of James Jordan, Alex Dualibi-Wilson, Jasper Beer and Jamie Norton (who made his first competitive appearance) along with cox Hannah Myers had to fight for the line and nudge ahead of Totnes. Alex went on to win his junior 16 scull race.

Second place went to the women’s junior 18 fours, men’s senior B fours, women’s junior 14 fours, women’s junior scull and women senior C fours.

It was third for the women’s novice fours and men’s junior 14 fours.

Totnes men's junor 16 fours


British Master’s Championship

It was a trip to Nottingham for the British Master’s Championship for Dave Byrnes and Alistair Peake who took part in the D doubles race. They won their heat but narrowly missed out to Wallingford in the final and had to settle for second place.

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Wimbleball Regatta

Ten firsts, five seconds, four thirds and Championship of the lake meant a very successful first regatta of the season for the Bideford Blues on Saturday.

First places:
Men’s junior 16 4’s – Lucas Wilson, Jasper Beer, Alex Dualibi-Wilson, James Jordan and Tina Robertson (cox) who finished lengths ahead of the rest of the field.
Men’s masters sculls – Dave Byrnes
Men’s junior 14 4’s -Nell Geirke, Charlie Colwill, Toby Evans and Jack Berry. A good win for the young crew with Nell being the only girl in the crew but certainly holding her own.
Men’s junior 16 sculls – Alex Dualibi-Wilson
Ladies Junior 18 4’s – Shannon Monaghan, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May, Kirsty Snow and Tina Robertson (cox)
Men’s masters 4’s (E) – Dave Bates, Dave Powe, Dave Byrnes, Alistair Peake
Men’s masters 4’s (D) – Colin Pennington, Steve Clements, Nigel Cann, Neil Pennington and Chloe Pennington (cox) – both crews put in good performances and took first places in their categories
Men’s senior C doubles – Dave Byrnes and Alistair Peake – It was his third first position of the day for Dave Byrnes and second first for Alistair
Men’s junior 16 doubles -Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan – Following his success in the 16’s quad and his scull race it was a hat-rick for Alex.
Mixed novice 4’s – Lorna Colwill, Rebecca Brown, Dan Talbot and Dave Bates

Second places:
Men’s senior B 4’s – Dave Powe, Dave Byrnes, Nick Wilson and Alistair Peake
Men’s senior C 4’s – Nick Dualibi-Wilson, Lucas Wilson, James Jordan, Charlie White
Ladies Novice 4’s – Lorna Colwill, Kirsty Andrews. Rebecca Brown, Hayley Wilson and Dave Bates (cox) – It was the first race for this newly formed crew but they put in a strong performance
Men’s Junior 18 doubles – Nick Dualibi-Wilson and Charlie White – Very tight race but unfortunately pipped at the post
Men’s junior 14 doubles –  Toby Evans and Jack Berry – Good performance, especially as first race as a double

Third places:
Ladies novice sculls – Shannon Monaghan
Ladies junior 14 4’s – Nell Geirke, Charlie Smale, Sive Connor and Matilda Pike – It was the first ever race for this crew who were unfortunate to catch a crab on the way up but still managed to hold onto third place
Men’s senior C scull -Declan Monaghan
Ladies junior 14 scull – Charlie Smale – First time in a scull race for Charlie who put in a solid performance

Wimbleball RegattaA fantastic day of rowing for all the Blues crews whose points meant they secured the Championship of the lake, this is the first time the club has won this event at Wimbleball.

Junior Regional Rowing Finals, Nottingham

On Saturday 23 April, two crews from Bideford Amateur Athletic Club attended the Junior Regional Rowing Finals in Nottingham.

It was 3rd place for the junior coxed quad crew in a very tight race where only three seconds separated the top three crews. The crew of Jack Berry, Toby Evans, Charlie Colwill, Nell Gierke and Kirsty Snow (cox) narrowly missed out on the top spot which proved to be one of the most exciting races of the day.

It was also 3rd place for James Jordan and Alex Dualibi-Wilson in the double sculls B final. The boys put in a very impressive performance on the 1500m course.

All the young rowers attend Bideford College apart from Nell who attends Great Torrington School.

The photos show James and Alex in their double scull race and the junior coxed quad crew after their race

Junior Regional finals 2016 02 Junior Regional finals 2016 01

South Coast Rowing Championship – Wimbleball Lake

image1It was the 59th South Coast Rowing Championship Regatta this weekend held at Wimbleball Lake.

The Bideford Blues ladies under 18 crew of Shannon Monaghan, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May and Kirsty Snow were invited to compete in the ladies senior C championship race. They faced very strong competition from Hants and Dorset crews but put on a fantastic performance and finished a very creditable 3rd place.

In the men’s masters championship race the crew of Colin Pennington, Steven Clements, Dave Burton and Neil Pennington finished in a very respectable 4th place.

In the men’s junior 18 coxed fours race the scratch crew were also 3rd.

On Sunday it was the turn of the younger rowers at the South Coast under 16 rowing regatta also held at Wimbleball. The conditions were dry but windy for the youngsters but that didn’t seem to cause any problems.

It was three golds for Alex Dualibi-Wilson, firstly in the men’s junior 15 sculls when he had a clear win. Secondly he joined up with James Jordan in the men’s junior 15 double sculls and finally, again with James they won the men’s junior 16 double sculls.

In the men’s junior 16 single scull race Lucas Wilson finished in 4th place.

This was a great weekend of rowing to finish off the very successful season for the Blues.

Photo shows Alex Dualibi-Wilson and James Jordan with their medals along with Lucas Wilson