Wimbleball Regatta

Wimbleball Lake was the venue for this week’s regatta. Crews old and new from the Bideford Blues travelled to Exmoor and took part in the 1000m course.

It was a busy day for Declan Monaghan who gained 3rd place in the men’s novice single sculls heat and went on to finish 5th in the final.  On his third race of the day he finished 8th in the under 18 single sculls.

It was the first regatta for new crew of Sam Dolby, Mandy Mills, Shauna Thompson and Christine Michael who put in a very good effort and finished in 6th place in the women’s novice fours, they replaced Christine with Keeley Mills to take part in the women’s senior C race and came a very respectable 4th place.

It was two races for Ricky Kelly, Tim Henry, Brian Andrew, James Yeo and cox Charlie Colwill. The crew finished 3rd in the men’s novice race and 8th in the men’s senior C race.

Club wins came from Kirsty Snow, Charlotte Berry, Shelby May, Shannon Monaghan with cox Colin Pennington in the ladies novice race. Their next race, this time with Tina Robertson coxing the girls, they put on a fantastic performance and won the ladies under 18’s race by three lengths over their nearest opponents Plymouth.

It was also victory for Dave Byrnes and Ali Peake in the men’s senior B double sculls. Dave Byrnes also went on to finish 3rd in the men’s senior B sculls.

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Plymouth Regatta

Rowers from Bideford Amateur Athletic Club travelled to Plymouth this weekend for the first of the season’s regatta. Windy but sunny conditions welcomed the rowers to the 1000m course on the River Plym.

The girls under 18 crew of Charlotte Berry, Kirsty Snow, Shelby May and Shannon Monaghan with Zoe Robertson (cox) came home in first place. Charlotte, Kirsty, Shelby was joined by Kat Keenan along with Zoe as cox again in the ladies novice race, this time gaining a very respectable third place.

It was two victories for James Jordan and Alex Dualibi-Wilson who came first in both the under 15 and under 16 doubles.

Declan Monaghan battled the windy conditions and finished third place in the under 18 single scull race.

It was the first regatta as a crew in the men’s novice race. James Yeo, Brian Andrews, Tim Henry, Ricky Kelly and Charlie Colwill (cox) put on a good performance and finished third.

A great start to the rowing season by all the youngsters.

The photos show the rowers from BAAC with their well-earned trophies.

IMG_8207 IMG_8234 IMG_8243

Schools Head of the River

DSCN0130 DSCN0129On Monday 16 March eight students from Bideford College travelled to London to take part in the Schools Head of the River.

The race is the largest head race of the winter season for junior crews and attracts over 300 crews.

The 7 kilometre course started at Chiswick Bridge and finished in Putney and is the actual course for the famous Oxford and Cambridge annual boat race although is rowed in the opposite direction.

It was the first time all eight girls had rowed together in an eights boat and they finished in a very impressive 23 minutes 22 seconds.

The crew consisted of Keeley Mills, Chloe Pennington, Shannon Monaghan, Jo Moulder, Charlotte Berry, Kat Keenen, Shelby May and Kirsty Snow. Apart from Chloe Pennington who trains at the Bideford Amateur Rowing Club (the Reds), all the girls are trained under the watchful eye of Tina Robertson and Barrie White at the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club (the Blues).

The girls faced some very tough competition from very experienced crews but they rose to the challenge with ease and were a real credit to Bideford College and both rowing clubs.

Worcester University Head of the Severn

DSCN0106A team of girls from the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club travelled to Worcester this weekend for the Worcester University Head of the Severn.

It was the first time in an eights boat as a crew and the girls certainly did themselves and the club proud. Despite the strong wind, cold temperature and very fast flowing river the girls completed the 4.5km race.

The crew of Keely Mills, Shannon Monaghan, Kat Keenan, Charlotte Berry, Jo Moulder, Jess Middleton, Kirsty Snow, Shelby May and Tina Robertson (cox) competed in the novice race and finished a very respectable 2nd place. A very successful start for 2015.

Bideford Regatta

It was perfect weather conditions for this year’s home regatta. Crews from all over the South West descended on Bideford Quayside.

Four firsts, four seconds and three thirds made for a very successful day for the Bideford Blues.

The first race of the day and the first win was the Masters Handicapped Fours. The Vet D crew of Colin Pennington, Steve Clements, Nigel Cann, Neil Pennington and Chloe Pennington (cox) came home in front of the composite crew from Bideford Blues and Bideford Reds. The crew was made up of Dave Bates, Dave Powe, Dave Godfrey and Alistair Peake.

It was first for Dave Byrnes and Milo George in the Men’s Senior B Double Sculls with Milo going on to win the Men’s Senior B Single Sculls. The fourth win of the day went to the Mixed Senior C Fours. Zoe Robertson, Annie Cook teamed up with Dave Byrnes and Milo George with Tina Robertson (cox).

Second place went to Annie Cook in the Ladies Senior C Sculls while the Ladies Junior 16 Quad Fours of Shannon Monaghan, Shelby May, Charlotte Berry and Kirsty Snow with Zoe Robertson (cox) also settled for second place. Dave Byrnes came in second behind Milo George in the Men’s Senior B Single Sculls with the Ladies Senior C Fours of Zoe Robertson, Frances Lethbridge, Annie Cook and Jess Myers with Tina Robertson (cox) brought home the final second position.

Charlotte Berry and Jo Moulder came in third place in the Ladies Junior 16 Double Sculls. This time it was third place for Alistair Peake in the Masters Handicapped Single Sculls and also for Annie Cook and Jess Myers in the Ladies Senior C Double Sculls.

Dartmouth Regatta

Despite a week of rain the sun eventually shone for the annual regatta at Dartmouth on Thursday 28 August. Crews from all over the country came and took part in the largest regatta of the season.

Two wins, three seconds and four thirds were brought home by the Bideford Blues.

August 2014 - Dartmouth Regatta winnersThere was a win for Milo George in the men’s senior B sculls and also for the ladies senior C fours where Becka Brown came out of retirement and stepped in and joined Jess Myers, Annie Cook, Zoe Robertson and Tina Robertson (cox).

It was second place for Charlie White and Declan Monaghan in the men’s junior 16 double sculls and the ladies senior C double sculls of Annie Cook and Jess Myers. Second also for the mixed senior C fours of Jess Myers, Annie Cook, Milo George, Ollie Roberts-Key and Zoe Robertson (cox).

The men’s senior B double scull of Milo George and Declan Monaghan came home with third place as did the mixed senior B fours of Jess Myers, Becka Brown, Milo George, Ollie Robertson-Key and Zoe Robertson (cox). Another third for Declan Monaghan in the men’s junior 16 scull and the ladies junior 16 quad sculls of Shannon Monaghan, Shelby May, Charlotte Berry, Kristy Snow and Zoe Robertson (cox).

Paignton Regatta

Paignton Regatta Womens Novice Fours

Dry, sunny but windy conditions challenged rowers from Bideford Blues this weekend at Paignton Regatta.

The women’s novice fours of Jess Myers, Freya Heddison, Shelby May, Shannon Monaghan and Annie Cook (cox) put in a very strong performance and came home with a very convincing win, (photo to the left)

Jess Myers and Freya Heddison teamed up with Annie Cook, Zoe Robertson with Tina Robertson (cox) for the women’s Senior C fours. This time the girls had to settle for second place.

Jess and Annie joined up with Dave Byrnes and Milo George for the mixed senior C fours and came a very respectable third.

A disastrous start for the women junior 16 fours quads meant the crew of Kirsty Snow, Shannon Monaghan, Jo Moulder, Shelby May and Zoe Robertson (cox) were two to three lengths down off the start. A gate on one of the riggers came undone which made the oar come out causing the boat to become shipwrecked. The girls held their nerve and fought hard to get back in the race and sheer determination pulled them up the field and they narrowly missed out on third place.

It was second place for Declan Monaghan who teamed up with rowers from Bideford Reds, Paignton and Totnes to form a composite crew in the men’s novice race.

Jo Moulder and Kirsty Snow took first place in the women’s junior 16 doubles whilst Jess Myers and Annie Cook teamed up again for the women’s senior C doubles coming home second.

In the men’s senior B sculling race it was first place for Milo George with Dave Byrnes coming home third.

Due to the conditions as the day went on the decision was made to cancel all junior sculling events.