Welcome to the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club locally known as Bideford Blues.  We're a friendly, sociable club with two main sections, running and rowing.  We warmly welcome members of all ages and abilities; our clubhouse and bar on The Pill offers our members excellent facilities. Our bar also offers social membership and enjoys SkyTV and very reasonably priced drinks.


  • Handicap Series 2016

    Six races run over the same demanding course
    The third race is Wednesday 1 June 2016

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  • North Devon Relays 2016

    The second race is Wednesday 25 May hosted by Ilfracombe Running Club

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  • Bideford 10 Miler 2016

    Sunday 6 November 2016 – ENTER ONLINE NOW!
    Possibly the fastest 10 Miler in Devon!



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  • Charity Pub Run

    Saturday 16 July 2016, 2.30pm, £2.50 donation
    Raising money for Children’s Hospice South West
    Club members and their partners only, must be over 18!
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  • Handicap Series Race 3

    Marshals needed for these races, please add you name to the list in the clubhouse filling the highlighted locations first. Please wear club colours as this helps marshals identify who is running our race.

  • Social membership

    Did you know we offer social membership from £7 and one pint starts from just £2.40!
    Our clubhouse now sells Prosecco @ £3 for an individual 20cl bottle!

Latest Results

  • Handicap Series Race 2

    Senior female: 1st Claire Bannister, 2nd Leanne Glover, 3rd Michelle Bright
    Vet female: 1st Tara Fundrey, 2nd Lois Vickers, 3rd Lorraine Clements

    Senior male: 1st Tim Sturtridge, 2nd Tom Ball, 3rd Jim Kirk
    Vet male: 1st Dave Crowther, 2nd Norman Bolton, 3rd Christy Worthington

    Spot prizes: Janet and Michael Glover

    View full results and series points table
    View handicap times for race 3

  • Bideford 10k 2016

    Bideford AAC’s Ronnie Richmond was 1st in 00:33:09, Bideford AAC’s Andy Ingle 2nd in 00:33:44 and Lee Turner from Torbay AAC 3rd in 00:34:12

    The fastest lady was Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in in 00:37:27, followed by Eevee-May Banbury from North Devon AC in 00:40:01

    First Senior Male Team: Bideford AAC (Ronnie Richmond, Andy Ingle, Martin Edwards, Keith Shapland)
    First Vet Male Team: Bideford AAC (Gary Suggate, Martin Colwill, Brent Colvin, James Jewell)
    First Senior Female Team: Okehampton Running Club (Katie Littlejohns, Charlotte Radnor, Nicola Smith)
    First Vet Female Team: Bideford AAC (Jo Bedlar, Helen Colwill, Sara Colvin)

    Individual results | Category results

  • Club Bideford 10k results

    Ronnie Richmond 1st and 1st in category in 0:33:09.8, Andy Ingle 2nd and 2nd in category in 0:33:44.3, Martin Edwards 4th in 0:35:26.3, Keith Shapland 5th in 0:36:17.3, Jamie Blackman 6th in 0:36:23.9 (pb), Gary Suggate 7th and 1st in category in 0:36:48.1, Martin Colwill 8th and 1st in category in 0:36:54.6, Arron Kearney 0:37:12.6, Brent Colvin 0:37:58.6 (2nd in category), James Jewell 0:38:10.9 (3rd in category, pb), Steven Turner 0:38:43.1, Jim Kirk 0:39:18.9, Tom Ball 0:41:22.4 (pb), Nick Sturtridge 0:41:30.1, Howard Bone 0:41:39.4, Mike Bishop 0:41:40.4, Jo Bedler 0:41:40.9 (1st in category), Peter Rigler 0:43:14.1, David Crowther 0:44:11.4, Alexander Dualibi-Wilson 0:44:32.6, Dan Manning 0:44:33.4, Gary Blight 0:44:39.9 (pb), Robert Wilson 0:44:44.1, Alex Mclaren 0:44:59.9, Ashley Jewell 0:45:22.1, Helen Colwill 0:45:26.9 (3rd in category), Stewart Snetzler 0:45:34.6, Leanne Glover 0:45:38.6 (3rd in category, pb), Sara Colvin 0:45:56.9, Lorraine Clements 0:46:13.1 (1st in category), Paul Sturtridge 0:46:21.6, Matt Figes 0:47:06.9, Kevin Evans 0:47:11.4, Timmy Sturtridge 0:47:43.1, Barrie Huxtable 0:47:45.1, Luke Sturtridge 0:48:10.2, Declan Monaghan 0:48:10.4, Sophie Chapman 0:49:25.6, Candy Jewell 0:49:47.9, Phil Lacey 0:49:48.4, Christy Worthington 0:50:01.6, Steve Sanders 0:50:11.1, Claire Bannister 0:50:11.1 (pb), Lorrie Woolgar 0:50:39.4, Darren Bridle 0:50:42.6, Ian Gooding 0:50:49.2, Doug Jenkin 0:51:00.4, David Eldridge 0:51:12.4, Leonie Murray … Find out more

  • Great Bristol 10k

    In a field of approx 12,000 runners – Dan Mapp 10th in 32:48, Mary Pool 52:59

  • Yeovilton 5k Summer Series – Race 2

    Steve Turner 18:45, Pete Rigler 19:42, Karen Allen 24:28

  • Torrington Round the Tree

    Ladies: Helen Colwill 3rd in 21:17, Leaha Davey 24:00, Amanda Reeves 26:16, Mary Poole 26:30, Anna Squire 27:59, Deborah Lake 28:50, Claire Bone 28:56
    Mens: Ronnie Richmond 1st in 15:33, Ian Gooding 2nd in 16:16, Gary Suggate 4th in 17:15, Arron Kearney 5th in 17:25, Jamie Blackman 7th i. 17:59, Steve Turner 10th in 18:52, Howard Bone 19:42, Peter Rigler 20:32, Matt Figes 22:35Juniors: Cohen Phillips 1st in 11:29, Evan Suggate 3rd in 11:41, William Figes 13:43, Nell Gierke 14:12, James Figes 14:16, Finn Tolson 15:50, Gabby Oke 19:03

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