Welcome to the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club locally known as Bideford Blues.  We're a friendly, sociable club with two main sections, running and rowing.  We warmly  welcome members of all ages and abilities; our clubhouse and bar on The Pill offers our members excellent facilities.


  • North Devon Relays 2015

    The third race is Wednesday 3 June hosted by South Molton Strugglers

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  • Handicap Series 2015

    6 races run over the same demanding course
    The next race of the series is Wednesday 27 May

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  • Bideford 10 Miler 2015

    Sunday 1 November 2015, 11am start


    Possibly the fastest 10 Miler in Devon
    Entry not yet open

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  • Charity Pub Run

    Saturday 18 July, 2.30pm, £2.50 entry
    Charity and route to be confirmed
    Club members and their partners only, must be over 18!

  • Handicap Series 2015

    Race 3 handicap times are here
    The 30th Handicap Series, it would be lovely to see lots of active members taking part as it’s a great social and fun inter-club event – come and join in the fun (oh and marshals always needed)

    This year for the safety of our runners and marshals the route will be changing slightly and the ladies vets team will also start at age 45
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  • Club race results

    Lovely Blues remember to let us know when you’re running a race as we love to know your results

Latest Results

  • North Devon Relays Race 2 – Ilfracombe RC

    Senior females: 1st in 0:49:10 (Michelle Bright, Jo Bedler, Sammy Antell)

    Senior males A: 1st in 00:52:45 (Keith Shapland, Ronnie Richmond, James Jewell, Jamie Blackman)
    Senior males B: 00:58:49 (Jamie Blackman, Ashley Jewell, Keith Shapland, Ronnie Richmond)
    Vet males A: 2nd in 00:54:41 (Brent Colvin, Andy Pearson, Gary Suggate, Martin Colwill)
    Vet males B: 01:07:24 (Gary Suggate, Paul Sturtridge, Nick Sturtridge, Andy Pearson)
    Vet males over 50: 1st in 01:02:31 (Nick Sturtridge, Steve Sanders, Neil Marke, Clive Bright)

    Club overall results: Senior males 1st, Vet males 2nd, Vet males over 50 1st, Senior females 1st

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  • Swimbridge 10k & 3k

    3k run: Cohen Phillips was 2nd and 1st in category in 12:39 (pb), Jamie Milsom 11th in 14:30

    10k run: Dan Brewer 4th in 0:43:30, Jamie Blackman 0:45:00, Nick Sturtridge 0:45:39 (1st in category), Andrew Pearson 0:47:46, Steve Sanders 0:48:39, Cy Margieson 0:48:44, Dan Manning 0:49:23, Philip Thomas 0:58:57, Colin Mitchell 0:59:36, Mary Pool 1:02:06, Anna Squire 01:07:17, Michael Gilmore 1:10:06

  • Yeovilton 5k Summer Series – Race 2

    Shaun Antell 1st in 14:55, Ronnie Richmond 3rd in 15:22, James Jewell 19:11 (pb), Ashley Jewell 20:21 (pb), Sammy Antell 20:49

  • Bideford 10k

    Bideford AAC’s Shaun Antell was 1st in 00:31:59, Bideford AAC’s Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 00:34:10 and Jones Djurback 3rd in 00:34:27

    The fastest lady was Ruth Barnes from Avon Valley Runners in 00:36:14, followed by Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 00:38:19

    First Senior Male Team: Bideford AAC (Shaun Antell, Ronnie Richmond, Jamie Blackman, Daniel Brewer)
    First Vet Male Team: Bideford AAC (Pete Hockin, Martin Colwill, Brent Colvin, Gary Suggate)
    First Senior Female Team: Bideford AAC (Sammy Antell, Gemma Steele, Nicole Hockin)
    First Vet Female Team: Torrington AAC (Marilyn Blair, Steph Oliffe, Pauline Pyke)

    Individual results here | Category results here

    #RaceDay Photographs

  • Club 10k results

    Shaun Antell 1st & 1st in category 00:31:59; Ronnie Richmond 2nd & 2nd in category 00:34:10; Peter Hockin 00:35:52 (1st in category); Martin Colwill 00:36:38 (1st in category); Gary Suggate 00:38:02 (3rd in category); Jamie Blackman 00:38:29; Brent Colvin 00:38:38; Daniel Brewer 00:38:43; Arron Kearney 00:39:10; Chris Stone 00:39:15 (3rd in category); Steven Turner 00:39:49; Nicholas Sturtridge 00:40:39 (3rd in category); Jamie Hollis 00:41:07; Daniel Manning 00:41:58; Andrew Pearson 00:42:07; Peter Rigler 00:42:11; Dale Wilson 00:42:26; James Jewell 00:42:48; Billy Pearce 00:42:49; Simon Wright 00:42:54; Ashley Jewell 00:43:29; Alec McLaren 00:43:31 (2nd in category); Cy Margieson 00:43:42; Mike Bishop 00:43:58; Steve Sanders 00:44:01; Jo Bedler 00:44:05 (1st in category); Samantha Antell 00:44:31 (2nd in category); Clive Bright 00:44:47; Mark Gilbert 00:44:48; Paul Jennings 00:44:58; Colin Found 00:45:10 (3rd in category); Kevin Evans 00:45:14; Andy Walter 00:48:57; Rose Cashmore 00:49:48; Paul Sturtridge 00:50:36; Chris Williams 00:51:41; Shaun Wilson 00:52:53; Tim Lane 00:53:39; Lorrie Woolgar 00:53:49; Shaun Jenkinson 00:54:04; Michelle Bright 00:54:07; Gemma Steele 00:54:16; Nicolle Hockin 00:54:43; Hayley Syvret 00:57:31; Patricia Martin 00:57:34; Jonathan Stanton 00:58:21; Anna Squire 01:00:53; Glen Martin 01:12:45 (1st in category); Neil Paddon 01:18:57

  • Alesund Half Marathon, Norway

    Phil Lacey 01:56:46

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