Welcome to the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club locally known as Bideford Blues. Predominantly a running and rowing club we offer senior and junior recreational and competitive opportunities. We're friendly, sociable and warmly welcome members of all abilities; our clubhouse offers our members excellent training and social facilities.

Bideford AAC is run on a voluntary basis with all coaches, officials, committee members and helpers giving their time for free.

The club was formed in 1870 as a gymnastic club and in 1897 the Rowing Section was born. It wasn’t until 1980 that Geoff Fanson and Barry White founded the present day Running Section.


Joining Bideford AAC

Running Section
Tuesday and Thursday 6pm, group runs, 4-5 miles, all members welcome, approx one hour
Tuesday and Thursday 7.15pm group runs, 3-4 miles.
Wednesday 6pm, coached training sessions for mixed abilities
Wednesday 6pm from January to April (ish), 9/10 mile non-stop run.
You are very welcome to try a few sessions before committing to joining. There is no additional charge for any of our training groups or sessions.

Rowing Section
Please get in touch with the rowing section as training depends on tide times.

Junior groups
For rowing children must be age 11 and above.
For athletics/running children must be age 9 and above, however there is currently a waiting list and we are unable to take your child's details before their 9th birthday.


  • Devon County AA Westcountry Mile
    Super speedy results for the full Team Shapland: Keith Shapland claimed 3rd in 4:55.55 taking our M40 club record just a few days after his birthday. John Shapland ran 5:56.81 and Karen Shapland ran a pb time of 6:15.21. Amazing running all round.
  • Speedway 10k (Chepstow)
    Aaron (Ronnie) Richmond 4th in 0:31:25, Steve Gallienne 0:31:51, Dan Mapp 0:32:54, Andy Ingle 0:37:52,
  • Bude Lifeboat Run

    Keith Shapland 3rd in 0:36:57, Gary Suggate 7th 0:38:33 (2nd in category), Gary Blight 0:39:39 (1st in category), Shaun Woodhead 0:40:27 (3rd in category), Mark Curtis 0:41:10, Chris Stone 0:41:45 (1st in category), Chris Fuller 0:42:32, Matt East 0:43:54, Jo Bedler 0:45:39 (1st in category), Brian Andrew 0:46:15, Amy Hawkes 0:48:35, Ashley Jewell 0:50:12, Candace Jewell 0:52:18, Clive Bright 0:52:19, Edwina Stevenson 0:53:23, Tim Lane 0:54:33, Dave Eldridge 0:54:47, Ali Blackman 0:57:25, Gemma Steele 0:58:43, Jenny Cameron 0:58:45, Susan Standford 0:59:32, Catherine Gardner 1:05:58, Steve Heywood 1:15:10, Eric Hubber 1:23:52

    3rd lady's team: Jo Bedler, Amy Hawkes, Michelle Bright, Candace Jewell
    1st men's team: Keith Shapland, Gary Suggate, Gary Blight, Shaun Woodhead
    3rd men's team: Mark Curtis, Chris Stone, Chris Fuller, Matt East

  • Yeovilton 5k Series – Race 3
    Steve Gallienne took the win breaking 15 minutes (possibly for the first time) in 0:14:58, closely followed by Aaron (Ronnie Richmond) in 0:15:01 and Mark Jenkin 3rd in 0:15:19
  • Arlington Court Canter 10k
    Jason Dalling 10th in 0:45:14, Sarah Tate 0:57:35, Steven Heywood 1:18:04, Jadwiga Karniewicz 1:29:28, Tony Merrett 1:29:29
  • Chew Valley 10k
    Dan Mapp 2nd in 34:05

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