Welcome to the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club locally known as Bideford Blues.  We're a friendly, sociable club with two main sections, running and rowing.  We warmly  welcome members of all ages and abilities; our clubhouse and bar on The Pill offers our members excellent facilities.



  • Good Friday Relays

    Marshals and kitchen helpers need please get in touch or speak to Kim Jenkin if you can help out

  • Members Handicap Series 2015

    This year is Bideford AAC’s 30th Handicap Series, so it would be great to see as many members taking part as possible. It’s a great social and fun inter-club event.

    If you would like to run this year and have not taken part before please get in touch so we can prepare your handicap time in advance.

    This year for the safety of our runners and marshals the route will be changing slightly please view further information

  • Taunton Marathon & Half Marathon

    If any members fancy joining this annual trip on 12 April the coach will be £16 per person. Please add your name to the list in the clubhouse and/or see Alan Heard

Latest Results

  • Arlington Court Canter 10k

    Gary Suggate 7th in 40:10, Arron Kearney 41:50, Nick Sturtridge 43:13, Chris Stone 43:37, Steve Sanders 46:28, Paul Jennings 48:04, Dan Manning 49:55, Jo Hedderly 56:38, Steve Heywood 59:03, Tracey Wilson 59:55, Andrew Wilson 59:56, Anna Squire 1:03:51

  • Reading Half Marathon

    In a field of over 13,338 Shaun Antell 25th in 67:20 (pb), Mark Jenkin 43rd in 68:33 (pb), Ronnie Richmond 49th in 69:08 (pb), Darren Bridle 01:49:13 (pb)

  • Larmer Tree Marathon

    Robbie Murray 3:49:49 (16/204)

  • Granite Way

    20 mile: Brent Colvin 2:40:52, Sara Colvin 2:56:33, Kim Jenkin 3:06:33
    10 mile: Levi Colvin 78:24 (1st in his category)

  • Bideford Half Marathon 2015

    Bideford AAC’s Shaun Antell was 1st in 01:10:50, Bideford AAC’s Ronnie Richmond 2nd in 01:11:45 and George Prewett from Tamar Trotters 3rd in 01:14:06

    The fastest lady was Emma Schuck from Hayle Runners in 01:21:11, followed by Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:22:56

    First Senior Male Team: Bideford AAC (Shaun Antell, Ronnie Richmond, Brendan Patton, James Pugsley)
    First Vet Male Team: Exmouth Harriers (David Stone, Adrian Kearns, Scott Jordan, Stan Mason)
    First Senior Female Team: Bideford AAC (Sammy Antell, Kim Jenkin, Sophie Pearce)
    First Vet Female Team: Cornwall AC (Zelah Morral, Kathryn Burgess, Rachael Thomas)

    Individual results here | Category results here
    1000 Official photographs

  • Club Half Marathon Results

    Shaun Antell 1st and 1st in category in 01:10:50, Ronnie Richmond 2nd and 2nd in category in 01:11:45, Brendan Patton 4th in 01:14:19, James Pugsley 01:17:01, Keith Shapland 01:20:34, Jamie Blackman 01:23:17, Murray Ross 01:24:39, Arron Kearney 01:25:00, Daniel Brewer 01:25:27, James Jewell 01:26:33, Chris Stone 01:27:47, Steven Turner 01:29:08, Andrew Pearson 01:31:30, Dale Wilson 01:31:20, Robbie Murray 01:34:02, Daniel Manning 01:35:24, Jamie Hollis 01:35:13, Samantha Antell 01:36:28, Simon Wright 01:36:44, Cy Margieson 01:36:37, Kevin Evans 01:36:20, Jo Bedler 01:37:24, Mike Bishop 01:38:58, Ashley Jewell 01:39:11, Paul Jennings 01:39:37, Steve Saunders 01:39:28, David Crowther 01:41:09, Chris Williams 01:42:42, Chris Taylor 01:43:20, Candace Jewell 01:47:43, Samantha Barnbrook 01:48:32, Lorraine Clements 01:48:56, Susan Standford 01:48:42, Steve Heywood 01:52:03, Phil Lacey 01:52:13, Rose Cashmore 01:52:48, Doug Jenkin 01:53:29, Darren Bridle 01:54:08, Kim Jenkin 01:54:08, David Eldridge 01:53:51, Sophie Pearce 01:54:52, Zoe Sims 01:55:27, Mary Pool 01:55:39 (4th in category), Joanne Kaufman-Hill 01:55:55, Kristy Webbe 01:56:39, Charlotte Davis 01:58:08, Clive Bright 02:05:34, Michelle Bright 02:05:34, Jess Gierke 02:09:14, Julia Glover 02:18:07

    Bideford AAC won the following team prizes
    Senior male: Shaun Antell, Ronnie Richmond, Brendan Patton, James Pudsley
    Senior ladies: Sammy Antell, Kim Jenkin, Sophie Pearce

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