Welcome to the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club locally known as Bideford Blues.  We're a friendly, sociable club with two main sections, running and rowing.  We warmly  welcome members of all ages and abilities; our clubhouse and bar on The Pill offers our members excellent facilities.



  • Bideford AAC AGM

    Tuesday 10 March, 7.30pm – Everyone welcome
    Please come and support your club and all the hard work the main committee do throughout the year

  • Calling all bakers & sandwich makers

    Members help needed for Bideford Half Marathon on Sunday 8 March
    Please add your name to the list in the clubhouse if you are able to make a cake, a loaf of sandwiches or a donation to the catering fund.
    For more info see Lorrie Woolgar

  • Wednesday non-stop long runs

    Approx 9 miles every Wednesday until April (ish) 6pm
    Ideal for runners marathon training
    Get in touch for more info

Latest Results

  • Brooks Westward League XC 2014/2015

    Congratulations to:
    Shaun Antell 2nd overall male, Candy Jewell 3rd in V35 category and Martin Colwill 3rd in V45 category
    Full leagues results: Ladies | Men

  • Westward League Cross Country – Redruth

    Senior & Vet Ladies: Candy Jewell 27:29
    Senior & Vet Men: James Jewell 36:41

  • Bath Half Marathon

    Fab results from our boys at Bath Half Marathon in a field of over 11,000
    Shaun Antell 7th in 68:29, Ronnie Richmond 12th in 69:29

  • Goring 10k

    Darren Bridle 00:49:29

  • The Grizzly

    Brian Andrew 3:10:38, Paul Jennings 3:38:04, Tim Calcutt 3:43:05, Steve Heywood 4:16:16, David Eldridge 4:24:00

  • Castle Hill Corker

    Kelvin Grooves 6th and 2nd in category in 0:43:45, James Jewell 10th in 0:46:04, Jamie Blackman 0:46:57, Andy Pearson 0:47:39, Paul Jennings (2nd in category) 0:51:06, Tim Calcutt 0:52:09, Phil Lacey 0:57:55, Candy Jewell 0:58:12, Lisa Cetinkaya 1:00:11, Steve Heywood 1:01:20 (2nd in category), Liz Warner 1:01:26, Lorrie Woolgar 1:03:53, Jo Hedderley 1:03:57, Carol Davies 1:04:11, Kelsey Thornton 1:15:51

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