Bideford 10 Miler 2019

Sunday 3 November, 10.30amNorth-Devon-Hospice
Possibly the fastest 10 Miler in Devon!

UK Athletics/Run Britain event licence number 2019-38518 (results will appear on Power of 10)

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Course information

The course starts and finishes very close to the Bideford Amateur Athletic Club Clubhouse and takes in magnificent views of the Taw and Torridge estuary. The course heads out on roads and returns on the Tarka Trail, you even get to run through a tunnel. The race is moderately flat, with only three small inclines. View the course

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Bideford 10 Mile 2018

Exmouth Harrier’s Tom Merson was 1st in 00:51:06, Ronnie Richmond from Bideford AAC 2nd in 00:51:06 and Mark Jenkin from Bideford AAC 3rd in 00:52:24
The fastest lady was Ruth Barnes from Avon Valley Runners in 0:57:46, followed by Hannah Taunton from Taunton Athletic Club in 1:01:00

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Bideford 10 Miler 2016

Bideford AAC’s Ronnie Richmond was 1st in 00:51:33, Andy Ingle from Bideford AAC 2nd in 00:56:39 and Callum Crawford 3rd in 00:57:25
The fastest lady was Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:00:09, followed by Kim Hill from Erme Taunton Athletics Club in 01:04:44

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Bideford 10 Miler 2015

Bideford AAC’s Brendan Patton was 1st in 00:56:54, Allister Bristow from Erme Valley Harriers 2nd in 00:57:14 and Kevin Squibb from Tiverton Harriers 3rd in 00:58:19
The fastest lady was Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:02:16, followed by Alison Mcewing from Erme Valley Harriers in 01:02:42

We also awarded prizes for senior and vet teams as follows:
First Senior Male Team: Bideford AAC (Brendan Patton, Jamie Blackman, James Jewell, Dan Manning)
First Vet Male Team: Bideford AAC (Martin Colwill, Kelvin Groves, Nick Sturtridge, Mike Bishop)
First Senior Female Team: Okehampton Running Club (Katie Littlejohns, Charlotte Radnor, Louise Pengelly)
First Vet Female Team: Bideford AAC (Jo Bedlar, Helen Colwill, Sam Barnbrook)

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Bideford 10 Miler 2014

Bideford AAC’s Shaun Antell was 1st in 00:55:15, Duncan Woolmer 2nd in 00:58:23 and Steven Wherry 3rd in 00:59:00.

The fastest lady was Alison Thorn from Erme Valley Harriers in 01:05:27, followed by Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:06:31.

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Club results:
Shaun Antell 1st in 00:55:15, Keith Shapland 4th in 00:59:18 (1st in category), Martin  Colwill 00:59:29 (1st in category), Gary Suggate 01:01:16 (1st in category), Scott Braunton 01:02:41 (1st in category), Daniel Brewer 01:05:56, Kelvin Groves 01:06:16, Levi Colvin 01:08:25 (2nd in category), Andrew Pearson 01:08:45 (3rd in category), Steven Turner 01:08:54, James Jewell 01:08:55, Daniel Manning 01:09:48 (3rd in category), Neil Marke 01:11:58 (3rd in category), Steve Sanders 01:13:10, Jo Bedler 01:13:39 (2rd in category), Mike Bishop 01:14:46, Samantha Antell 01:15:00 (3rd in category), Paul Jennings 01:15:10, Annette Wilson 01:16:11, Alec Mclaren 01:16:53, Andy Glover 01:18:28, Chris Williams 01:18:28, Candace Jewell 01:18:49 (2nd in category), Karen Allen 01:19:12, Alan Wilson 01:19:50, Steve Heywood 01:21:15, Colin Mitchell 01:23:14, Austin Galt 01:24:42, Lorrie Woolgar 01:24:58, Susan Standford 01:25:41, Rose Cashmore 01:25:45, Phil Lacey 01:26:19, Lisa Cetinkaya 01:26:47, Anthony Merrett 01:28:23, Joanne Kaufman-Hill 01:32:36, Nicky Young 01:38:59, Julia Glover 01:40:29, Jonathan Stanton 01:40:57, Lois Vickers 01:50:48,

Bideford AAC won the male team prize (Shaun Antell, Keith Shapland, Martin Colwill, Gary Suggate) and came 2nd in the ladies team (Jo Bedler, Samantha Antell, Annette Wilson, Candace Jewell)

Bideford 10 Miler 2013

Bideford AAC’s Shaun Antell was 1st in 00:53:29, Mark Ryall from Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets 2nd in 00:54:18 and Dan Rodgers from Launceston Road Runners 3rd in 00:54:47.

The fastest lady was Serane Stone from Tiverton Harriers in 01:01:23, followed by Jo Meek from Tavistock Athletic Club in 01:02:22.

Individual results here | Category results here
Race Day photographs here

Bideford 10 Miler 2012

Bideford AAC’s Steve Gallienne was 1st in 00:55:17, Ronnie Richmond from North Devon Road Runners 2nd in 00:57:52 and Milan Goc from Sidmouth Running Club 3rd in 00:59:18.

The fastest lady was Jaine Swift from Erme Valley Harriers in 01:02:02, followed by Alison Thorn from Erme Valley Harriers in 01:05:12.

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Race Day photographs here

Bideford 10 Miler 2011

Bideford AAC’s Steve Gallienne was 1st in 00:53:51, David Cutler from South Molton Strugglers 2nd in 00:58:56 and John Shapland from North Devon Road Runners 3rd in 00:59:23.

The fastest lady was Serane Burd from Tiverton Harriers in 01:07:20, followed by Sabine McLean-Thorne from Bude Rats in 01:09:37.

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Race Day photographs here